NVC USA Meeting 18 Feb 2007

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Meeting of the NVC USA Project

4-5:30pm PST (begins 5pm Mountain, 6pm Central, 7pm East)

Phone 712-580-7700, conference code: 682872 (NVCUSA)



Conference 2007/2008

Who might like to organize it? When? Kit was working with a group in Columbus (Andy), anyone know how to contact him/them?

USA marketing project

Status (Tom and Lisa)

What else would we like to do together?

Some ideas from the NVC USA Meeting 18 Nov 2006 and NVC USA Meeting 22 Oct 2006 notes:


Generally, wanting what we do to come from what we're passionate about and have energy to act on, rather than what we think ought to happen and trying to get ourselves or others to do those things.

1. Conference 2007/2008 (juice - Tom, Rick, Lisa)

2. NVC Brand Marketing (juice - Tom, 1/2 Lisa)

3. Teleconference Call Invitation to all Compassion in Action participants to request info about their areas of interest in NVC projects and their interest in support and companionship for those endeavors.

4. Activist NVC work

5. NVC Trainer Support Organization

6. Subjects Tabled:

To Do Commitments for Next Meeting

Next Meeting: NVC USA Meeting 10 Mar 2007

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