First 2008 Conference Email

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To: Compassion in Action 2006 Participants
From: NVC-USA Project Circle
Re: Compassion in Action 2008 Teleconference

After all the excitement following the Compassion in Action 2006 Conference this past July, those of us active in the NVC-USA Project Circle would like to keep the NVC-USA energy flowing, and honor the work of Kit Miller at starting this program, by having another conference in 2008. With the purpose of coalescing a team to pull off this next conference in 2008, as well as beginning the planning, we have scheduled a meeting for May 9th at 4 PM PDT (7 PM EDT) for a teleconference that will meet our needs for progress. If you have some juice around having another conference, then please join us because we yearn for support of others with the same interest in a 2008 conference.

"Being a part of the Compassion In Action Conference planning circle was inspiring, fulfilling and delightful," says Lisa Goldish, one of the regular NVC-USA Project Circle participants and organizers of last year's conference. "The experience of our teleconference meetings was a joyful surprise, meeting needs for integrity, flow, productivity and connection. Being involved in the co-creation of the conference on site was a celebration of effectiveness, connection and joy. I feel gratitude in being able to be a part of and support the growth of NVC and the resulting peace being created on our planet."

To show you what came out of our last conference see the CIA Session Summary at, or log on to the Compassion in Action 2006 website. The work we have already done will be reinforced and furthered with another conference in 2008, so we hope you will join us on May 9th.

Please let Tom Caruso know of your intention to participate in the call by sending him email at

We look forward to connecting with you on the call.

With hopes for need fullfilment,
Tom Caruso