NVC USA Meeting 18 Nov 2006

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  • Lisa - Facilitate
  • Mary
  • Tom
  • Rick - Notes
  • Margarita

Lisa's summary of conference survey

Lisa emailed to the Yahoogroups list a tabulation, colation and summary of data from conference feedback surverys.

  • Wow Lisa! - (Mary)
  • Wow2 - (Tom)
  • I liked having the numbers near the comments - (Rick)

2007 Conference -- currently none planned

  • late to start planning something that has no owner (Rick)
    • Contacted Andy in Columbus -- possibility but not for this year.
  • how about every other year - (Mary)
  • at least not this year - (Tom)
    • CNVC is a transitioning organization
    • Clarify USA Project's relation to North America English speaking circle ENACC

Where do people have juice?

  • Mary - NVC Communities
    • to provide mediation services to NVC communities that are struggling.
    • to connect NVC communities to other communities.
      • people can better meet their need for community
    • a conference/gathering that is focused on that
  • Margarita
    • As Mary said. To not have people keep reinventing the wheel
    • As Kit said, that conflict is part of it. Expect it.
    • Would like local people trained in mediation
  • Tom
    • North American coordinating council -- some type of national level of support
      • a leaderful gathering about how we provide services at a national level
      • The focus of the gathering is on service as opposed to training
    • growing NVC and supporting the needs of trainers
    • National marketing campaign - turn NVC into a household word
      • Creating awareness of what NVC is
      • if a person says they are a NVC trainer people know what that is
    • want more visibility - that's what jazzes
  • Lisa
    • another conference!
    • nurturing and growing new and existing NVC communities
    • including from Oct 22 notes:
      • NVC as it relates to US political realm which has been brought up by poeple who aren't here now.
  • Rick
    • getting out and starting a community
    • from there, connecting with other communities regionally.
    • Keeping notes to pass along to others
  • Mary
    • Also excited hearing Tom talk about national scope

Next Step

Mary suggested groups could break off and work on what they have juice for and come together as this group and keep others informed.

  • Mary, Lisa, Margarita
    • Communities support project - planning, materials, mediation, etc.
  • Rick
    • Contact Sura Hart and Lynn McMullen for updates on their work
    • Write a letter to go to conference attendees and email it to this group / post to wiki
    • get feedback then send that out to conference attendees
  • Tom and Lisa
    • Working on marketing piece
    • Contact North American English speaking circle

Next Meeting

Wednesday, January 10, 2007, 6PM PST, 7PM MST, 8PM CST, 9PM EST