NVC USA Meeting 22 Oct 2006

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Attending: John, Kit, Rick, Tom

Rick talked with Lisa called at 1PM PDT. No one else was there at the time, so that called ended. Lisa plans to add an evaluation summary to the wiki and send and email out when that has been posted.

Next Proposed Meeting: 2 hours on Saturday, November 18th from 1PM PST; 4PM EST

Next meeting is planned for Saturday, November 18th from 1PM PST; 4PM EST for 2 hours. If you would like to make this meeting and have a scheduling conflict, please respond to group now to support in finding a date which works.

Same phone number - 712 580 7700, but new conference code number (NVCUSA - which is 682872) because previous code was misdialed enough for people to miss joining in.

NOTE: New conference code -- NVCUSA - 682872

Kit will send an email out to the email list of conference attendees inviting them to participate in the November phone meeting and asking them to have a topic relating to NVC that he or she would want support/companionship from US project community. She will suggest possible topics from the list of topics raised at the Compassion in Action conference, and maybe provide a list of those from the summary document (with a link to the summary document).

Examples relating to furthering NVC in the USA:

1. another conference - somewhere in the middle of US -- possibly a group in Columbus is wanting to do that.

2. Developing Strategies for resolving conflict -- Kit is interested

3. Support team for those wanting to market and spread the word about NVC -- Tom and Lisa are interested

4. US in relation to the world - political action - working towards community which impact structures in the US -- John is interested

Relating to #4: the "other 9/11" book - http://mettacenter.org/gl/uploads/911.pdf (thanks John!)

Tom pointed out that community support interests are larger than conflict notes other activity from the conference. For instance:</p>

  • fundraising
  • coaching
  • spanish language

And there is more from his summary notes from the conference.

The invitation is if someone has juice to carry the topic forward and wants the support of the USA project community, to bring it to the meeting.

Take the pulse in an open space type a way

  • who ever is here is the right people
  • acknowledge that conference may or may not happen depending on having people who needs are met by doing a conference.

Kit encouraged moving personal practice out to the public into the world. What could you do in public that currently you do in private? An example is public meditation in areas of violence. Think about that question for yourself.


Previously planned agenda

  • Focus of the USA Project: Spreading NVC, NVC's Place in the World, &/or Effect of NVC on our Reprentatives. (Lisa)
  • AND Related to that: Clarify whether the USA Project plans to support the participants to create coordination,lack of duplication and facilitation, and if so, then how (i.e. through conferences, projects, or what?). (Tom)
  • Financial report. (Kit)
  • Update on Kit's email to the network. (Kit)
  • Look at requests for funding as a result of working on the July gathering. (Kit)
  • IT Update. Can John attend the next meeting? (Rick and John)
  • Technical support for the USA Project? (Tom)
  • Location for next gathering. (Mary)
  • Next Steps.