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Welcome to the CNVC Leadership Team (LT) section of NVCwiki. The goal of this area is to enable CNVC LT members and others they might select, to edit official documents. It is our hope that two needs may be met in this way. First, the CNVC LT will be able to collaborate on the creation of official documents by using this wiki interface. Second, anyone interested in better understanding CNVC decisions will be able to watch the documents evolve and add their own comments and suggestions in the Public Comment areas. CNVC Board and LT sections of this wiki until recently were combined due to extensive overlap, but are now maintained separately.

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To Members of the Center for Nonviolent Communication Network,

We would like to catch you up on some recent changes being made in our administrative structure.

1. Jori Manske is no longer filling the position of Interim Executive Director. We are deeply grateful for how she has supported our organization. She will now be able to put her efforts in her position of Coordinator of the GCC.
2. Administrative work previously done within the position of Interim Executive Director will presently be coordinated by our new Office Manager, Margo Pair, supported by the Board and Leadership Team.

Board Members and Leadership Team
John Wiley (Board President), Stefan Wisbauer (Board Vice-President & Secretary), Katherine Singer (Treasurer emeritis), Marshall Rosenberg (Board Member & Leadership Team Functional Leader), Valentina Rosenberg (Board Member & Leadership team Functional Leader), Robert Gonzales (Board Member), Jori Manske (Board Member & Leadership Team - GCC), Jim Manske (Leadership Team - GCC), Anne Wiley (Leadership Team - Synergy), William Poehner (Leadership Team - IT), Danielle Beenders (Leadership Team - Office Representative)

Leadership Team Extended Forum Meeting Mon Aug 18, 2008 - Open to Observers

You are welcome as an observer to the upcoming Leadership Team Extended Forum meeting:

Date: Mon Aug 18 in North America and Europe

Time: 9 am in Hawaii, Noon Pacific time, 1 pm Mountain Time, 2 pm Central, 3 pm Eastern, 4 pm Atlantic, 19:00 GMT / UTC, 8 pm in London, 9 pm in Paris, 10 pm in Athens, Tues 3 am in Singapore, Tues 5 am in Sydney, Australia. The meeting is expected to last 1 hour.

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Call-in Information:

US bridge line: (712) 432-1600 Access Code: 680620#

Local European Dial-in Numbers: (Access Code: 680620# ) Austria: 0820 4000 1552 Belgium: 070 35 9974 France: 0826 100 256 Germany: 01805 00 76 09 Ireland: 0818 270 021 Italy: 848 390 156 Netherlands: 0870 001 920 Spain: 902 886025 Switzerland: 0848 560 179 UK: 0870 35 204 74

To listen to a recording of the conference after it occurs: Playback Number: (712) 432-1281 Access Code: 680620#

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Observer Request

We ask observers to reserve any comments until the time we have set aside for feedback (up to 10 minutes toward the end of the meeting). We may also include other times for feedback, as our need for that arises and when there is sufficient time to listen to and address those comments.

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1) Check in

2) Team status reports - There will be an opportunity to hear brief updates from each CNVC Leadership Team on their activities over the past three months. The Leadership Teams are: Office & Bookstore, Information Technology, Educational Services, and the Global Community Circle, as well as the Admin Team. Update information will also be sent out in writing after the meeting to this egroup.

3) Check out

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Margo Pair

Administrative Director

Center for Nonviolent Communication

Feedback on this Communication:

If you would like to provide feedback on this communication, please complete the following form: - thank you for considering this request to help us manage our communication workload.


Glenda Mattinson

CNVC Communication Coordinator

30 March 2007 Report on Move

From Jim Manske

Previously the LT cited the following reasons motivating the exploration of a move to Albuquerque (ABQ). I have commented briefly on what I have learned in the last 30 days, then added some considerations below.

  • Planned future programs, IITs and other training in Albuquerque.
    • There is ample capacity within ABQ to accomodate our needs.
  • People active in CNVC administration are living in Albuquerque.
    • Currently the list includes Marshall, Valentina, Jim and Jori. Danielle and William intend to move to ABQ. We have identified two strong candidates with nonprofit management experience for Office Manager living in Albuquerque. (45 Applicants applied.) Miguel and Dee continue to consider moving to ABQ, although at present they are not intending to move there. Christina and Sol intend to stay in California. I am not clear on Jenna's intentions in the moment.
  • Cost effective operations.
    • In May 2006, Forbes magazine ranked ABQ #1 in a list of "Best Places for Businesses and Careers". For the cost of doing business, ABQ ranked 1st among about 200 of the USA's largest metropolotan areas.

    • It is likely that CNVC's operational expenses will be reduced in ABQ. The location we will be occupying initially will likely be significantly less expensive than the office and storage facilities in La Crescenta.
  • Reduced cost of living for office staff.
                                Composite index Groceries	Housing	 Utilities    Transportation  Health care	Misc. goods/services
                Albuquerque, N.M.	103.3	   100.2	107.9	    122.3	    100.0	96.8	         96.8
                Los Angeles, Calif.	153.1	   120.2	245.4	    121.3	    116.5	114.2	         111.7

  • Friendlier regulatory environment for non-profit operation.
  • Easy access to international airport.
    • The ABQ "Sunport" is 15 minutes or less from virtually any part of ABQ. It is serviced by major carriers including Southwest, Northwest, Delta, and USAirway/AmericaWest
  • Growing local NVC community that is receptive to hosting the CNVC office.
    • There are currently about 900-1000 people on the NM-NVC mail list. NVC has a presence in local schools, government agencies, jails, mediation community, several businesses, the therapeutic community, the spiritual community etc.
    • Two of the candidates for the recent office manager position emerged from the NVC community. Another was connected to the Nonviolent Peaceforce community which has been an ally of NVC for many years.
  • Volunteer community available.
    • We have already received several offers of volunteer service.

Remaining Considerations:

  • Financial Cost of Move.
    • We won't know til we get there, but I would estimate this to be at least $20,000 and could be as high as $50,000. We have not yet received requests from employees who are not going to ABQ, and we do not have accurate estimates of the costs associated with moving the employees who are going. Moving estimates for some office equipment, files, records, etc are approximately $14000. One bidder may be able to save us 25%, but he will not give us the bid until next week. Replacement cost of unmoved items (if we decide to leave office equipment behind) is likely to be at least several thousand dollars, and there is still some stuff (eg files, inventory, records, telephone system, computers, etc that still will be moved at some cost.)
  • Timing.
    • We have two strong candidates for the office manager position who will be ready to go to work with 2 weeks notice to their current employers.
    • Preparation work has begun in the LA office, and we have a long way to go!
    • Minor problem with internet/telephone infrastructure. (Not a show stopper, according to William)
    • Interruption of service to our community, especially book and material orders.
    • We need to strategize on how to inform previous customers of our new location, and implement ASAP.
  • Focus on moving distracts from other important projects, eg IT and GCC


I would recommend that the LT make a commitment to moving to Albuquerque as soon as possible with a target date of May 7. The clarity of that decision will help to focus the staff on contributing the resources necessary to accomplish the move with as much ease and grace as possible. It will also contribute to the staff members so that they can plan their next moves. It will also contribute to creating stability as we will be enabled to commit to hiring a new office manager.

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