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General Help

Editing Tips

  1. Put a pound sign # at the very start of a line to make it a numbered item.
Put a colon : at the very start of a line to indent that line. Notice that if the line is long enough to reach the right margin, the entire paragraph will be indented. This indent continues until you create a new line in edit mode using your Enter/Return key.
Two colons :: at the start of a line with no spaces between them will increase the indent.
More colons ::: increases it more.
  • One or more colons and an asterisk starting a line :::* creates an indented bullet.

One equals symbol: Major Section, level 1

Two equals symbols: Sub-section, level 2

Three equals symbols: Sub-subsection, level 3

Four equals symbols: Sub-sub-subsection, level 4


If you have questions about how to use wiki, this would be a great place to ask them since others could see and learn from them too.

If there is obviously "spam" put into some pages (as I found it in "CURRENT EVENTS" page, then how to restore last correct page?


Help for MediaWiki

MediaWiki is the free, "open source" software used here at NVCwiki, and the following two help sections on the main MediaWiki site can be quite helpful for detailed and advanced questions.

Help with Reading wiki

Click this Help with Reading wiki link for details on how to Read or "browse" pages with the MediaWiki software used here at NVCwiki.

Help with Editing wiki

Click this Help with Editing wiki link for details on how to Edit pages with the MediaWiki software used here at NVCwiki.


HTML to Wiki

To use it: open the HTML file in an editor such as Mozilla's free open-source Seamonkey, view it in HTML mode, highlight and then copy it, paste it into the top window of the converter website, click the Convert button, then highlight and copy it from the bottom window. To place the converted table on a wiki page, click the edit button on that page, position the cursor where you want the table, and paste the table into the edit window and then click Preview to make sure it worked as you wanted.

Different interface, and different conversion results. Possibly easier to use, since you can use the method described above or put in web addresses of the page(s) to convert. Seems to handle more HTML tags, so fewer glitches need manual fixing after conversion.

Word to Wiki

Here is a converter that will magically transform Word (.doc) pages (including tables) into Wiki pages:

The explanation is in french, but one doesn't need to understand french to use the macro : the only french sentence you need to know is “Copier pour Wikipédia”, which means “Copy to Wikipedia” ;-)

Here's one in English. It's for Word 2000 or newer, but might run in OpenOffice and maybe NeoOffice (Mac). If anyone would like to test and tweak it, please update this page accordingly.

For more options (including Word '97 compatibility), you could look here:

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