LT Position Descriptions - 12/06

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New LT Positions Proposed 12/06:

Training Coordinator

Term: 1 year
  • Create certification and training policy in collaboration with LT
  • Expand training delivery by developing in-house trainers
  • Review and report on proposals for additional trainer categories
  • Oversee entire assessment and certification process for consistency and quality
  • Lead meetings to coordinate and evolve the assessment strategies worldwide
  • Address and report to the LT on issues that arise
  • Create a complete system to integrate certification, training, and renewal
  • Develop resources to support the quality of training and certification
  • Review and revise the Trainer agreement and report
  • Review and revise the Guidelines for others teaching NVC
  • Participate in scholarship decisions

Fundraising Coordinator

Term: 1 year
  • Work with LT and all teams to integrate fundraising into everything we do
  • Write grants and develop materials and training for others to do so
  • Create new vehicles, materials and campaigns for network
  • Design and implement reporting mechanisms for donors, LT, Board and network
  • Make and/or supervise thank you calls to donors
  • Revise Giraffes Around the World in collaboration with Media Coordinator
  • Develop materials and teams to host events with IITs
  • Design and supervise gift tracking and cultivating
  • Coordinate with Newsletter editor and office on year end card
  • Oversee donation allocation
  • Participate in schoarship decisions

Media Coordinator

Term: 1 year
  • Create media policy in coordination with LT
  • Coordinate media requests and authorizations to develop media materials
  • Promote NVC related programs through mass media
  • Oversee and develop broadcast, DVD, VHS, and print media materials and brochures
  • Design and implement online strategies including:
  1. printable e-newsletter and brochure
  2. annual report
  3. webcasts and podcasts
  4. online multimedia
  • Arrange oversite and integration of website in consultation with IT Coordinator

IT Coordinator

Note: William Poehner nominated by IT Committee, and confirmed by Board (12/06).
Term: 6 months (June '07) or until integration with Media Coordinator
  • Maintain information flow with LT and office staff
  • Coordinate design of an IT system including:
  1. database development to support Office and CNVC functions
  2. web tools for NVC network development and services

Office Administator

Term: 1 year
  • Manage office and supporting staff, including:
  1. IIT registrar and fulfillment
  2. bookstore manager including inventory control
  3. donations processing and reporting
  4. financial, A/P, A/R
  5. human resources
  • Create office policy in collaboration with staff and LT
  • Administrative support for LT
  • Provide financial analysis and P&L reports for all CNVC functions and projects
  • Review strategic plans, financials and other information for reports to LT
  • Nurture the culture of NVC in the office through training and commitment to living NVC
  • Contribute to workflow analysis, streamlining and redesign of office functioning
  • Coordinate scholarship and allocation of use of restricted funds
  • Legal oversight, including Trademark issues
  • Ongoing review and evolution of organizational/staffing structure
  • Facilitate office staff meetings
  • Organize weekly staff NVC training
  • Fiscal responsibility and investment funds management, at direction of M&V and LT
  • Oversight and signatory on accounts and government reporting
  • Consult on functionality of office database with IT coordinator

Structure Overview Developed at October Conference

Note: This text is manually copied from the file Minutes_Addendum_v3.pdf (pg.17).

Regional Circles & Groups

  • Connect Local Projects
  • Mutual support
  • Needs assessments, etc.


  • Network connection & support

Training & Certification Circle

  • Ensure training organization and certification evolve in harmony with principles co-developed with LT.

Theme Projects

  • Coordinate project aspects of CNVC including defining, supporting or co-running projects.

Leadership Team

  • Overall strategic leadership and operational coordination.

Board of Directors

  • Formal governance, input into strategic direction, outside perspective and wisdom, meet legal requirements, foster ties with other organizations.

Fundraising Team

  • Support and enable funding strategies, plans and projects.

Media Project

  • Co-define and implement media strategy, including input to online services.


  • Practical operations support and resource to network, database, etc.

Synergy Project

  • Create connections with other leading peacemakers.

Online Platform

  • Create web tools for connection, fundraising, projects, etc.

Structure Detail Developed at October Conference

Note: This text is manually copied from the file Minutes_Addendum_v3.pdf (pg.18).

Regional Circles & Groups

  • Connect Local Projects
  • Mutual support & needs assessments etc.

Training & Certification Circle

  • Existing circle
  • Management, administration of process
  • Ideas: Robert Gonzalez, Anne Bourrit?, Barbara Larson, Lucy Lu, Jeff Brown, outside (e.g. Integral Institute), Joanna Macey.

Theme Projects

  • Education
  • Prisons, Restorative Justice
  • Schools
  • Social Change
  • Corporate Reformation
  • Indigenous People Project
  • Mexican Women Project
  • Iraq Project
  • Research

GCC (Network Council?)

  • Potential members: Monika, Kirsten, Liz, Jeff

Leadership Team


  • Marshall & Valentina leading
  • Executive Director (title change?)
  • Office Manager
  • GCC Coordinator
  • Training & certification leader
  • Rep from each project (synergy, media, local trg org leaders, ...)

Board of Directors

  • Marshall & Valentina
  • Katherine
  • John Wiley
  • Jori Manske
  • Stefan Wisbauer
Terms: 6 months (April 07)
  • Consider new members over time
  • onsider meeting frequency and modes of connecting as changes unfold.

Fundraising Team

  • Team Lynn up with others
  • Consultant rec. by MBR Leadership team

Media Project

  • Candidates: John Myser, Stu Zimmermann, Pierre Piront, Tom Donally, Barry (from IIT), Wolfgang Aichholz (Stefan), Martin Rausch, Swedish ‘As it is in Heaven’ movie maker: Ky Pollack, Doug Gilles.
  • Current: Sylvia Haskevitz, Juli Ratner, Barbara Larson, Tiffany Meyers, Magey & Neil, Lynn Mc Mullen.


  • IIT Org, bookshop etc.
  • Volunteer coordinator?

Synergy Project

  • Anne Wiley to lead, working with Barbara Larson.