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Current Announcements

As of June 2007, the GCC is no longer using the NVCwiki to share information about its activities.

Please click on the following link or go to, click on "Community" at the top, and then "Global Community" on the left. Or go directly to GCC page:

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Welcome to the CNVC Global Community Circle (GCC) section of NVCwiki. The goal of this area is to enable CNVC GCC members and Network Coordinators to connect and co-edit documents.

We invite your comments and questions under the "discussion" tab.

Note: This section is now distinct from the CNVC LT section. Also see our Sociocracy in NVC section.

Willkommen zum CNVC Globalen Koordinierenrat (GCC) Abschnitt von NVCwiki. Das Ziel von diesem Gebiet soll CNVC GCC Mitglieder und Netzekoordinatoren zu verbinden ermöglichen und co Dokumente redigiert.

Vision, Mission and Aims of the Global Community Circle of CNVC


Anyone can be part of a welcoming global community of NVC practitioners who support and inspire one another. These learning communities are working together to realize CNVC's vision of a world where people are meeting needs mutually and reliably and resolving conflicts nonviolently. People in these communities support one another to interact with empathy and honesty.


The GCC serves to contribute to the realization of the GCC's vision by nurturing, sustaining and making visible a global community to which people want to belong.

The GCC supports the Center for Nonviolent Communication in achieving its vision and mission by:

  • 1. Facilitating an effective flow of communication throughout our NVC network, and between our network and other networks, to link existing and emerging teams of change agents committed to contributing to life-enriching systems.
  • 2. Cultivating teams for the public to contact locally, regionally and globally.
  • 3. Demonstrating, as a "radiant core", what is possible when an organization commits to living the values of NVC consciousness, thus providing a flow of mutual inspiration and appreciation.


The GCC intends to be responsive to the needs of the network by facilitating the availability of the following materials and services between people seeking to live and share NVC to create life-enriching systems:

  • 1. Regular teleconferences and communications that link and inform the NVC community and CNVC leading circles through a flow of

information and feedback.

  • 2. A listing of existing and emerging NVC communities who identify with the Vision and Mission of CNVC, including an interactive map on the CNVC website.
  • 3. Collection of shared materials for developing and sustaining NVC circles and projects (e.g. proposals for projects and grants, meeting and tracking formats, legal documents for non-profit status, organization structures, roles and responsibilities, etc)
  • 4. Mediation and facilitation tools and services, which will be encouraged locally and offered worldwide, to support circles and projects in resolving conflicts and moving forward effectively together.
  • 5. A mechanism on the CNVC website for gathering and sharing GCC documents and communication in an ever-increasing number of languages and a variety of media.

The GCC is committed to finding ways to support these services which are financially sustainable for all involved.


== CNVC Global Community Circle finishes first face-to-face meeting in Munich January 2, 2008== Minutes @ or

== New Google Group for CNVC Global Community Circle== We have created a Google group for the use of GCC members and friends. To participate, please go to:

== Inclusion/Non-exclusion/Open-Door Teleconference Friday May 12th== Some Notes (in plain text) and Reflections (in italics) by Dilip Soni

Attendees include Dilip Soni, Mercedes Frace, Bob Gaynor, Anjali Corrine, and Jim and Jori Manske

  • Aim: "Growing a GCC attuned to the needs of all people and cultures, especially cultures with barriers such as language, limited technological infrastructure, poverty, illiteracy, a history of oppression, corruption and/or colonization, current violent conflict and/or health crises."
    • Possible variations:
      • Open door with an invitation to join
      • Create bridges to peoples and culture
  • Possible Strategies:
    • Create a safe and supporting environment
      • Make it safe
      • Give voice to people. Jori: Tension wanting acknowledgement of people taking their own responsibility to speak up.
      • Support: translation; space of silence to speak
      • Allow them to make mistakes, e.g., Miki: “It will be awkward but hang in there.”
      • Greater sense of acceptance
      • Example from a training: Allowed a trainer to speak in his own language while others took it even though they did know the language
      • Bob: AA meetings and Co-counseling groups make this possible. Eg. Those maginalized speak first.
      • How do different cultures create such an environment?
  • Jim: How do you bring people to the open door?
    • Dilip: Making it relevant to their context
    • Jim: Welcoming: e.g., Potluck to welcome new neighbours
      • What do other cultures do to welcome relatives, friends, neighbours, strangers?
    • Anjali: Ask for testimonials and personal stories from trainers and practitioners all over the world; make them available to all sharing NVC as well as on the CNVC website.
      • What kinds of testimonials are relevant and inspiring for different cultures?
    • Dilip: Songs, stories, street theater have been the traditional methods of spreading a message in India
    • Anjali: Stories, laughter, fun, play, joy, celebration – all make “it” easier. She is working on the for early childhood
      • Somehow the line between drawing people to NVC vs. GCC was blurred. Both are important; however, I assume we are focusing on bringing them to GCC open door.
      • Sometimes the open door may need to go to people rather expect people to come to it. For example, informal schools in India are often held where the children are. I can imagine GCC periodically rotating its meeting venues.
  • Jori: Practice NVC and create deeper connections with people
    • Bob: “Listening Table at the Farmers’ Market” in Berkeley.
    • Ask: “Are you fighting with someone? I am here to listen.”
    • People have started their own practice groups after being listened to.
    • Do other communities have such forums? What are they?
    • Jori: Weekly dialogues, which are at present open to trainers. She will consider opening them to the community. Overwhelming!
      • How do other communities and cultures hold such dialogues?
  • Transform these strategies into questions to inquire how other cultures and communities do it.
    • Inquire vial email, e-groups, …
    • Pose them to your neighbours, friends, …
    • Pose them to people working at the grassroots level as Alison, Fabiola, and Jenny have suggested. Request them to suggest their own strategies.
  • Dilip: Doubts about walking through the open door:
    • Do I belong there?
    • Will I understand them? Will they understand me?
    • Only English is spoken there and I do not know English
    • I am not sure whether I understand enough to contribute
    • Will they listen? If they listen, will they act on it?
  • Anjali: Book written by her mother: “Cultures of the World” for school children
  • Mercedes: How do we ensure that the results of the teleconference would be acted upon?
  • Dilip: How do we connect in between teleconferences?
    • Jim will create a e-group on Google. Send email to
    • Would like to be better prepared.
    • The work begins now; we have only taken a first step. How do we work on this issue in between teleconferences?
    • t is not possible for everyone in India to participate in these conferences regularly. Costs can be a barrier. We need to make alternate arrangements to confer and get contributions from people.
  • Assumptions we make about life and cultures are sometimes deep rooted and subconscious. Example: “In India, people will use Hindi or English.” Sometimes it requires being immersed in the culture.
  • GCC and Translation: Imagine that a certified trainer, with the ability to connect with many many people in her country, walked through that open door of GCC. Suppose that she did not know English or any of the other European languages. How would GCC welcome and support her? For example, would GCC be willing to have online translations to have her included or would it still carry on in English?
    • I can imagine non-European-language speakers being members and facilitators of GCC.
    • If GCC wants a project in every country, can it afford to connect to project leaders/members only through intermediaries? Risks are enormous as demonstrated by many NGOs in India.
    • The language issue has been described very well by Alison, Fabiola, and Jenny.

Notes from Teleconference 4 April 2007

Start 1500 GMT, 5pm Paris, 8am US PT, 9:30pm Pune, 5am NZ


  • Members: Jim, Jori, Eva Rambala, Anne Bouritt, Andy Basu
    • note: Dominic Barter, proposed member, was with us for a short time. We regret that we did not post the time of the meeting in Brazil. This will be corrected for future meetings.
    • Observers: Isabell Peters, Louise Romain, Laura Liliom, Alison Harper, Rita Herzog, Kathy Hartman, Jenny Edwards, Fabiola Fuentes, Meta Hough, Peirre-Marie, Markus Sikor, Michael Dillo, Jerry Koch-Gonzales, Kirsten, Laura
  • Next meeting date-TBA May 2007, 1600 UT, 5 pm CET, Noon Brazil, 8 am US PT, 9:30 pm Pune, 5 am NZ

Note: CONSENT indicates consent by the members of the GCC noted above.

  • Acceptance of agenda for today; CONSENT


  • Jori as meeting facilitator today; CONSENT
  • Jim as notetaker today; CONSENT
  • Andy and Dom as members of the GCC with 6 month terms; Proposal modified to Andy as member of GCC for six month term (because Dom was not in attendence at the time of the consent round.) CONSENT


  • LT Report:
    • CNVC moving to Albuquerque; opening for buisness May 7, 2007.
    • Suspension of Certification Assessments; Rita reported that the Certification team was "pulling back to look at the whole picture", that several questions need to be addressed, and that the "bottom line is gaining clarity on the relationship between the Certification Team and Marshall." She added, "My view is that we were stuck for a long time; now we are letting go of old structures in order to re-create the new...this can be very a way, it is fulfilling a dream for me."
  • GCC Report:
    • Web-based presentation of structure of CNVC in progress
    • Map and census of all existing circles in progress
    • "Registration of Circles" plan being designed with CNVC Information Technology leader; web-based plan to dynamically update circles, teams, etc. on CNVC's new website.
  • African NVC Circle:

Anne reported that the seed of a new African circle was recently planted by two African trainers currently living in Belgium: Jean-Baptiste Ndikuriyo and Pierre Muanda Ngoma. (Note: Jim will send an email of connection to Jean-Baptiste and Pierre by way of Anne to ensure clarity of translation.) Dunia has been informed and has "sent his blessings."

  • Request for Committee of Inclusion (Jim)
    • Following on the issues raised at the March meeting of the GCC, Jim offered the following:
    • Seeking 2-5 volunteers to form a circle with the aim of solving

the puzzle of inclusion

    • Request circle to meet at least once before next GCC and report on

progress toward clarifying the aim and next steps

    • A round, including all observers included the following issues:

"prefer non-exclusivity to inclusion-indicates the door is open""likes the idea-a way to get the GCC more common to everyone" "appreciate the ideas of others, finding value in that." "make sure it is not distinct from the GCC." "concerned that the issue be dealt with by the central circle" "interested and grateful" "not easy to connect with people in Africa (technology wise)" "important to get a true representation" "gratitude for Dunia opening the door to Africa"

      • PROPOSAL: The GCC will form a committee of non-exclusivity, to help foster the understanding that "our door is open". Jim will facilitate formation of the committee. CONSENT

Note: Jim agreed to send Dunia an email and to invite folks on the call to participate with the committee.

    • Structural picture forming (Jori)

Jori expressed the dilemma faced by the GCC in working out a structure that facilitates ease of communication~language vs. geography. She sees the power pf language as a CONTACT POINT. She asked for reactions from members:

      • Andy: the joy of sharing in English mixed witht he sadness of being unable to express fully in my mother tongue.
      • Eva: for many it is easier to speak from the heart in English, free from the habits of native language.
      • Anne: wondering how we can make that happen-language is not the only problem. Let's try and see what happens
      • Jori invites email connection from all to explore further.
    • Proposal from the Nordic Baltic Circle (Kirsten)

Just had second meeting of NB Circle-lots of connection and enthusiasm! Would like the Eastern Europeans to decide for themselves how to link to the GCC; also wanted to express unity of all Europe and invite to join through the English-speaking "western" link to the GCC.

      • Reactions:
        • Eva: very touched with what she hears. Will ask Eastern European network for feedback. Would personally prefer to connect through English-speaking "other" to GCC. No clear on what it means on a practical level. Working on a different image of the structure. Many Eastern countries need financial support.
        • Jori: touched; likes linking Eastern and Western Europe. Unclear about practical; need for economic balance.
        • Anne: celebration that people are gathering and building community; puzzled; not sure about best strategy for connection
        • Laura: really like the care and appreciate the invitation. all positive reactions.
      • Jim agreed to post the invitation in the minutes: "The Nordic Baltic circle would like to have the Eastern Europe Circle be double linked to the English

Western Circle, because we see us all as Europe, and many of the countries are members of the EU, and both circles speak English."

    • Structure proposal (Eva)
      • I would like to send out an invitation: each local circle are

welcome to choose a representative to the GCC. These people would be voting members of GCC. If the number goes above 10 we would reorganize ourselves. I believe 10 is the maximum number for an effective phone conference.

      • Jori's reactions: worried about personal agendas; need for global vision; wants equal access to GCC but not necessaily voting members.

PROPOSAL: Table agenda item and sit with it- Send any suggestions for reformulation to Eva CONSENT


  • Cathy: grateful to connect back in with the community glad to be a part. look forward to more.
  • Alison: warmed; very happy with sense of more possibilities for inclusion with GCC and contributing.
  • Fabiola: (via Jenny) feeling disappointed about the balance towad Administrative issues; annoyed, wanting respect
  • Jenny: Heavy heart; despairing; wanting ways of working and communicating with rest of world; not confident in present strategy. this is a big crisis for me. would like more opportunity for a say and a vote, to find ways to hear, understand, and address fully.
  • Isabelle: concerned about structure; would like more preparation on agenda items. would like to offer reports to be read before meeting and then have oppoprtunity for clarification. I miss the upward links. mixed feelings.
  • Markus: torn; very grateful to hear the voices and how you facilitate; would have liked more time to discuss Eva's proposals. Triggered about "personal agenda, global perspective" comment. Sad about that.
  • Laura: energized; mixed feelngs hearing some of the fedback. One of the the most alive conference calls; i liked going with the life!
  • Kirsten: Felt very good when closing round began; now I feel concerrn. Really enjoyed what we have been doing. Would like focus on a double link between circles. I don't know what to say about not being involved. I'm not experiencing a lack of connection. I would welcome people taking responsisbility for making connection. I have so much to say but will stop now.
  • Jerry: enjoying the sense that what people want is connection. see very different strategies. would like to see the structure built.
  • Andy: grateful for the time t set up and participate in the meeting. excited, still have "sweaty hands" about getting involved. Like the "non-exclusivity"
  • Eva: peaceful; i licked the connection. Sad that Dom was not present more. Make invitation more clear.
  • Anne: Celebrating and trying to ebrace everything I heard. Touching to see difference in reactions; enjoying that we are all of this. i'm enoying that are trying and that we share a dream. feeling honored. i express gratitude to observers and Jim and Jori.
  • Jori: feeling a poignancy about needs not met and celebrating that they are here, included and considered, then can be met. t table issues and give time for the heart. its so easy to facilitate when everyone has NVC consciousness.

Meeting closed at 1708.

Recording of the call until the next meeting is available @ Free Conference Call

Play Back Number: 1.641.985.5033
Access Code: 297165#

Notes from Teleconference 7 March 2007


Start 1600 GMT, 5pm Paris, 8am US PT, 9:30pm Pune, 5am NZ


  • Attendees: Jim, Jori, Eva Rambala, Anne Bouritt, Isabell Peters, Chris Ranjendram, Dominic Barter, Louise Romain, Laura Liliom, Alison Harper, Towe Widstrand, Shantigarbha, Jerry Koch-Gonzales
  • Next meeting date-4 APR, 1600 UT, 5 pm CET, 8 am US PT, 9:30 pm Pune, 5 am NZ
  • Acceptance of agenda for today with additions by Alison and Eva


  • a. Jori as meeting facilitator today; CONSENT
  • b. Jim as notetaker today; CONSENT


  • a. LT Report: Jori and Jim updated folks on the recent Albuquerque Board and LT face-to-face meetings. Main points covered were re-focusing of CNVC mission on Social Change and mutual understanding about aim of GCC to focus on NVC Project Teams operating in every country of the world by 2017. (Minutes of previous LT meetings are at:
  • b. Report on SEA&O Circle; Jim reported on a brief conversation with members of the SEA&O circle. He heard them say that they would like to determine for themselves how to connect with the GCC, rather than the GCC doing a survey.
  • c proposal: Functional leaders will reply to letters sent to the GCC, and include all those who were included on the message. CONSENT
  • d Expression of concerns by Allison, Fabiola and Jenny from UK: (Please see letter posted on the discussion page.)
    • After a round of responses by participants, a PROPOSAL was made that "We all sit with our needs around this and come with proposals to the next meeting." CONSENT
  • e. Proposal that the GCC select Dominic Barter (S/P), and Andreas Basu (G) for the initial term of 6 months as members of the GCC. TABLED
  • f. English-Western Council member (Jori) TABLED
  • g. Heartstorming: How do we get the information on GCC out to the network?
    • Current strategies used include:
      • posting agenda to the wiki
      • posting minutes to the wiki
      • recording the meetings and making them available through a link on the wiki
    • Some issues identified include:
      • Discover ways of communicating that do not require electricity/internet
      • Email invitations to the network about GCC meetings both one week before the meeting and one day before the meeting
      • Utilize all e-group lists for notifications
      • Encourage conversations between Jim and Jori and "key people on each continent"
      • Continue formation of circles at both the grass roots level and from the GCC level toward more concrete levels.
      • Discover strategies for transmitting information from "person-to-person".
      • Create a clear list of who is participating in GCC meetings to ease between meeting contacts.
      • Add GCC information to CNVC website (Note: new dynamic website is nearing completion and the GCC will be a part of that)
    • h.Update on a map and census of all existing circles.
      • Jim hopes to have a report to present at the next meeting
  • h. Heartstorming: How do we create systems for building Initial Circles and an extended network? TABLED because we ran out of time.


  • Jerry: Glad to get connected; impatient; aware that we are dealing with a number of layers at the same time
  • Alison: Tired and delighted to connect; glad we are willing to stay with the difficulty
  • Towe: Grateful for the work of Jim and Jori. Amused. Expereince of deja vu. Aware that what we want to do is happening anyway. Confident, grateful and pleased.
  • Shantigarba: Happy to hear people's voices.
  • Eva: Disappointed. Wants more clarity about fruit of meeting.
  • Isabell: Inspired by number of people present. We need "staying power".
  • Chris: Left call early
  • Dom: Unsatisfied with conference call format, missing sense of warmth of connection
  • Jori: Grateful and sad and fear. Mourning lack of communication with Network. Worried about going over and ove the same thing. Wants some effective strategies.
  • Anne: Grateful for efforts and goodwill; sad and discouraged
  • Louise: Tingling. I trust life is unfolding.
  • Laura: Mixed feelings; some overwhelm; can learn a lot from this.
  • Jim: Also mixture of feelings. Grateful for the feedback from Alison, Fabiola, and Jenny. Irritated that we spent so much time on it because we've spent time on it before. Wants understanding that we are not trying to find the best solution, just want some movement so that we can grow the network and learn from our mistakes.

1805 Closing of Meeting

Notes from Teleconference: 26 Jan, 2007

Start 1600 UT, 5pm CET, 8am US PT, 9:30pm Pune, 5 am NZ Present on the call: Eva Rambala, Anne Bouritt, Isabelle Peters, Pierre Marie, Louise Romain, Shantigarba, Kirsten Kristensen, Jim Manske, Jori Manske


  • Announcements that might affect the meeting. CONSENT to all present on the call to participate
  • Length of Meeting 2 hours CONSENT
  • Next meeting date-7 MAR, 1600 UT, 5 pm CET, 8 am US PT, 9:30 pm Pune, 5 am NZ CONSENT
  • Acceptance of agenda for today CONSENT


  • a. Jori as meeting facilitator today; CONSENT
  • b. Jim as notetaker today; CONSENT
  • c. Jim and Jori propose that Dom (S/P), Eva (E-ew), and Anne (F) be selected for the initial term of 6 months.
    • Proposal was modified to: The GCC will select Eva (E-ew), and Anne (F) for an initial term of 6 months to the GCC. CONSENT


  • Proposal: Selection of a German/Dutch and an English-speaking "Western" functional leader member at the March meeting; 6 month term. **Discussion: who might enjoy this position:
      • German/Dutch possibilities include: Markus Sikor, Klaus Karstaedt, Andreas Basu, Imtraub Kauschat
      • English-Western possibiliies include: Jeff Brown, Bridget Belgrave, Gina Lawrie, Godfrey Spencer, Towe Widstrand, Maria Arpa, Shantigarba
    • Other ideas discussed - having a "second" also selected to attend meetings, especially in the event that circumstances prevent the functional leader form attending. The French circle selected Martine Casterman as second.
    • Concern was expressed that we don't know who else might be interested in participating in the GCC. How do we get the information out to the network?
    • These qualities were identified as some of the criteria to consider:
      • passion for NVC and the mission and aim of the GCC
      • experience organizing
      • time available to contribute to the GCC
      • fluency in NVC and knowledge of sociocratic method
  • Proposal-Network Elected links from Initial Circles; membership consented by GCC; 6 month term.

Links will be selected by each of these circles when they are functioning as a community with a common aim (or aims). The Functional Leader will help to form their Initial Circle. TABLED

  • LT Report: Jori and Jim updated folks on the upcoming Albuquerque face-to-face meeting and the activities of the LT since the October meeting. (Minutes of previous LT meetings are at:
  • Is Aust/NZ Western or other or will they decide themselves? PROPOSAL: To utilize surveymonkey to gain feedback from the network in Australia and New Zealand about how they would like to connect to the GCC. Jim will write a brief survey. Louise will assist Jim in getting an email list to send the survey to. The survey will be distributed via email to the folks in Australia and New Zealand. Results of the survey will be posted to the wiki and there will be a report at the next GCC meeting. CONSENT
  • GCC link to the LT:
    • Currently neither the GCC nor the LT are developed and ready for linking.
    • Proposal to select an observer to the LT at the March GCC meeting. CONSENT
  • Picture Forming of Strategies to move toward Aim - harvesting ideas. Some issues identified include:
    • desire for a map of all existing circles.
    • difficulty of getting in touch with "less assertive" cultures; how do we include all, including "first nations", aboriginals, etc?
    • idea of folks "wandering around" to foster contact and connection
    • concern about funds available for some strategies (like the wanderers)
    • fostering connections between countries where NVC teams are present with neighbors in bordering countries that do not yet have NVC teams
    • convene around multi-day sociocracy training and "network" day; use as opportunity to form structures, circles, and to create clarity of functions


  • Kirsten: Enjoyed the connection, feeling your voices. I like what we're doing. (Left meeting early to participate in a training because training partner was ill.)
  • Shantigarbha: Mourning phone problems on his end and the expense of making the call with cell phone. Really enjoyed hearing people's voices. Quite pleased and relaxed. Satisfied. Curious to discover the landscape.
  • Pierre Marie: Very happy to attend, especially enjoyed the opportunity to participate. Nodding with pleasure. Aprreciate Jori's pace and reflections. Really grateful. Hope to see you all in person soon. Enjoyed that people spoke slowly.
  • Louise: Dropped from call?
  • Eva: Dropped from call?
  • Isabell: Also grateful for speakers talking slowly for those whose first language is not English. Full of peace, confidence and gratitude.
  • Anne: Very pleased with what happened. Received lots of information that I enjoyed. Likes the image of pieces of the puzzle coming together. Liked that those present were here, wishing for others to participate as well.
  • Jori: Huge grin on my face; muscles tired from smiling so much. Fed by the quality of connection, feedback and interaction. Many pieces coming together. Sometimes feel a strong urgency to move toward more clarity, but this is the only need not met.
  • Jim: Happy to participate in spite of technical difficulties. Missed Dom. Sorry that Eva disappeared from the call. Grateful for the sense of community and support!

1757 Closing of Meeting

Notes from teleconference, 29 Dec 2006

29 December , 2006 Start 1600 UT, 5pm CET, 8am US PT, 9:30pm Pune, 5 am NZ

Present for some or all of the call: Jim Manske, Jori Manske, Chris Rajendrum, Eva Rambala, Kirsten Kristensen, Dominic Barter, Meta Hough (Observer), Isabell Peters (Observer).


  • Announcements that might affect the meeting: Observer Requests* CONSENT
  • Length of Meeting 2 hours CONSENT
  • Next meeting date-26 Jan, 1600 UT, 5 pm CET, 8 am US PT, 9:30 pm Pune, 5 am NZ CONSENT
  • Acceptance of agenda for today CONSENT
    • 1. Consent Items:
      • a. Jori as meeting facilitator today; CONSENT
      • b. Jim as notetaker today; CONSENT
      • c. Members on the call today are the network selected links and GCC Selected members. CONSENT; Observers were invited to participate at will since there were only 2 present.
      • d. All GCC activities are open and transparent. (Notes and recordings are publicly available. Anyone can observe and offer feedback.) CONSENT
    • 2. PROPOSAL: For GCC Organizational System and Membership: (based on issues discovered at last meeting)
      • a. GCC linked with the following 4 Initial Circles:
        • 1. French/Italian-speaking (F/I),
        • 2. German/Dutch-speaking (G/D)
        • 3. Spanish/Portuguese-speaking (S/P), and
        • 4. English-speaking (E)
        • Other language Circles can be added later (e.g. Mandarin or Indonesian)

We chose the language proposal to contribute to needs for clarity, communication, and effectiveness; we include the geographic dimension within the language circles.

After considering clarifying questions, clarification of the GCC's aim and reactions to the proposal, the proposal was amended to:

      • a. GCC linked with 5 Initial Circles to begin with to provide some common languages:
        • 1. French-speaking
        • 2. German/Dutch-speaking
        • 3. Spanish Portuguese-speaking
        • 4. English-speaking-"Western" -(North America and Western Europe) (Jim senses this includes Australia and New Zealand although this was not clarified during the meeting; he intends to bring it up for clarity at the next meeting.)
        • 5. English-speaking-Everywhere else-(Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, et. al.)
        • Local, regional, or country circles can choose to connect to the GCC through their preferred language circle. The GCC will continue to work to create clarity on criteria for GCC circles and membership.
        • This form will be revisited by the GCC in 6 months;
        • more language circles can be added when necessary, eg Mandarin or Indonesian.


      • b. PROPOSAL: for GCC membership (to contribute to effectiveness, clarity and inclusion):

Total of 10 people composed of:

        • i. Functional leader(s) appointed by the LT and consented to by the GCC. (Currently Jim and Jori Manske for a one year term, through October 2007.)
        • ii. Four (4) Selected members (Functional leaders) of the 4 Initial Circles; members consented by the GCC.

Selected members can be consented to either by proposal or by a Sociocratic Selection process. We propose that Dom (S/P), Eva (E), and Anne (F/I) be selected for the initial term of 4 months. We would like to select a German/Dutch member at the January meeting for a 3 month term.

        • iii. Four (4) Network Elected links from Initial Circles; membership consented by GCC; term through June 2007.

Links will be selected by each of these circles when they are functioning as a community with a common aim (or aims). The Functional Leader will help to form their Initial Circle.

The proposal was considered in pieces; some parts were consented, some amended and consented, some tabled.

    • i. Functional leader(s) appointed by the LT and consented to by the GCC. (Currently Jim and Jori Manske for a one year term, through October 2007.) previously CONSENTed, November 2006
    • ii. Five (5) Selected members (Functional leaders) of the 5 Initial Circles; members consented by the GCC. CONSENT
    • Selected members can be consented to either by proposal or by a Sociocratic Selection process. CONSENT
    • We propose that Dom (S/P), Eva (E), and Anne (F/I) be selected for the initial term of 4 months. TABLED after a brief discussion, due to time constraints.

The rest of the Agenda was TABLED until future meetings:

    • We would like to select a German/Dutch member at the January meeting for a 3 month term. TABLED
    • iii. Four (4) Network Elected links from Initial Circles; membership consented by GCC; term through June 2007.

Links will be selected by each of these circles when they are functioning as a community with a common aim (or aims). The Functional Leader will help to form their Initial Circle. TABLED

    • 3. Picture Forming of Strategies to move toward Aim: TABLED
    • Meta: enjoyed the meeting, feeling more connected
    • Isabel: grateful for the meeting; grateful for the consideration of folks speaking slowly which contributed to me
    • Kirsten: I feel good! I have many words that I did not yet say. I like what we have done. Would like more clarity about relationship of GCC-LT-CNVC Board. Wondering about how to welcome people joining the call in the middle in an effective way.
    • Eva: I enjoyed it and I like it. Quite happy with the clarity and glad to be a part of the meeting and for what we have to do.
    • Dom: I like the decisions and I feel some shock hearing Jori say that the functional leaders may replace the project leaders. That doesn't give recognition to what already exists. Unwilling to move forward without a process of recognition.
    • Jim: Honored to be a part of the group with so many people I admire. I feel amazed and grateful.
    • Jori: Like the life and the honesty! Experience that as support; feel hopeful we can fulfill our needs previously met and include some that have not been met.

  • 1758 Closing of Meeting

Notes from teleconference, 28 Nov 2006

Greetings friends,

We've just completed our first teleconference for the new GCC. I'm feeling a mixture of gratitude, inspiration, frustration and regret. The regret is around a typo in the Participant Access number in the email invitation that was sent. The number on the wiki was correct. I remain puzzled as to how this happened since I thought I copied from one to the other.

  • Present on the call today were:
    • Linda Rysenbry, SEA&O temporary representative, Sydney, Australia
    • Ann Bouritt, French Circle, Geneva, Switzerland
    • Jeff Brown, ENACC representative, St. Louis, USA
    • Jan, Observer, Idaho, USA
    • Jerry Koch-Gonzales, Observer, Massachusetts, USA
    • Laura Liliom, Eastern European Circle, Budapest, Hungary
    • Chris Rajendram, Sri Lanka
    • Kirsten Kristensen, Nordic/Baltic Circle, Denmark, from the Canary Islands
    • Jim Manske, GCC, from Jacksonville, USA
    • Jori Manske, GCC, from Jacksonville, USA
  • Regrets:
    • Dominic Barter, Brazil, communicated via email, appended to bottom of report
    • Ron Ngata, New Zealand, couldn't connect because of typo :(
    • Eva Rambala
    • Kumarjeev
    • Aniruddha
  • Following check-in, we handled the following consent items:
    • a. Jori as meeting facilitator today; consent
    • b. Jim as notetaker today; consent
    • c. Jim and Jori as functional leaders of GCC for one year; consent
    • d. Aim of GCC; consent, with addition of "groups will be organized sociocratically with double-linking."
    • e. Nonviolent governance utilizing consent, feedback, linking. consent
    • f. Participants on the call today are the initial planning team for today. consent, after clarifying discussion of balance and equality and term of this meeting.
    • Additionally there was consent that the observers could act as full participants for today's meeting.

{Note on sociocratic consent-generally in sociocracy, if a person does not attend a meeting, their consent is implied. Inclusion is protected because any item consented at one meeting can be brought back up for consideration at a future meeting by anyone withdrawing consent to that item. Thus, Dom's lack of consent, via email, to some agenda items can be re-visited at the next meeting. -Jim}

  • Following the consent round, we began exploring the issues around the systems and structures that could best support the aim of the GCC. Jori shared some ideas that she and Jim generated than asked for responses:
    • What is the GCC? The GCC is a circle that links to the Leadeship Team and the Network; it is a policy building circle focusing on network connections; the policies being tested at both the LT and the network level.
    • We suggest starting with a planning team, initially seeking those in the network who have built successful projects; that are willing to work together to create templates in support of new projects being formed as a vehicle for mutual learning.
  • Main issues identified by the group to consider:
    • How to bring the GCC to concrete form
    • Wondering about languages, navigating the differences
    • Different ways of passing information through the network
    • The size of the GCC "body"
    • How many levels/layers could be required
    • How to determine the makeup of the GCC to best serve the needs of the network
    • Managing the number of people involved in a given meeting/call
    • How to deal with time zone differences spanning the globe
    • Clarifying the relationship of the LT and the GCC
    • How to balance including "successful team leaders" with representation from "new countries that have not yet had a successful project".
    • Acknowledging the need for both appointed and elected members of the GCC
    • Acknowledgment of financial cost of involvement, wondering about support for those with less resources.
    • The need for the system to acknowledge both language differences and geographic differences
  • At this point Jori shared some ideas she and Jim had been discussing for beginning with a system that consisted of four language groups.
    • These languages are spoken in virtually every country of the world either as a primary or secondary language. The example is India, where there are many languages, united by a common language of English. In Vietnam, many speak both Vietnamese and French.
    • Each of the four languages would have an appointed leader on the GCC and also an elected representative; thus the GCC would be composed of at least 10 people, including Jori and Jim.
    • (French, German, English, Spanish/Portuguese/Italian [Romance languages other than French])
  • Reactions:
    • Excitement about focusing on 4 language groups that cover virtually every country as a starting place
    • Need to Consider translation and interpretation strategies
    • Utilize written word for clarity, ease of interpretation, and spanning time zones, eg Dom's ideas around "soc-e-ocracy".
    • Suggest keep circle size of 12 or less
    • Some worry about difficulty between understanding in Sp/Portuguese circle
    • Some worry that language differences can stimulate conflict...
    • Some concern that language is subsidiary to to deal with people who share geography but not language, eg Quebec
    • Some concern for maintaining geographic representation for policy roles and appreciation for the simplicity of language groups
    • Concern for maintaining global awareness
    • Geography "primary" over language for global overview and local connection?
    • Wants A GCC small enough to function yet insures inclusion through connection to the larger network

Closing Round:

Linda: Glad to be a part of the call; values being aware and connected to some of the issues; enjoyed picture-making; looking for clarity re planning team and gcc; seeing important to begin with knowledge things will be refined/changed.

Ann: In touch with the complexity of the matter, enriched by reactions of others; our experience in the French speaking circle is that the more organized we get, the more we see people from other areas wanting to connect and get in touch; its important to focus on starting, not focus as much on the how of starting; grateful for presence of everyone and for Jori's facilitation.

Jeff: Energized, excited, glad that Kirsten and Chris could join the call; excited about the potential to get people connected; the most excitement about organizing by language; could facilitate cross-cultural connection if we were to organize it that way; happy we're having the conversation and moving forward; deep trust in the NVC process and that whatever we come up with will serve the network.

Jan: Admiring and celebrating willingness to hold and consider issues; more aware now of the complexity; grateful; hopeful; beginning is important-to try something and have a "reconsideration point" chosen to check in if "it" is working.

Jerry: Pleased with care and consideration and some sense of motion; enjoyed inclusion of observers; concerned about inclusion of observers for efficiency of future meetings; not clear yet on who holds decision-making responsibility.

Laura: (No check-out, lost connection?)Oh, I got kicked off at the end closing round. But I would like to then give final feedback by email:

I enjoyed being part of our call very much, I am at this moment suppressed by the weight of the complexity of this task that is ahead of us now, and also would like to thank Jori for this – to me – wonderful facilitation. I feel a deep appreciation to her facilitation talent and skills. I am really impressed.

I felt the conference call was efficient, although we did not cover the whole agenda. I celebrate that I was able to be part of this call now and was able to help one person to join the call and also that I had this time to connect with NVC people from all around the world.

Kirsten: (No check-out, lost connection?)

Chris: Enjoyed joining even if late; I understand now what was blocking me from the conversation-we are killing each other (in Sri Lanka) because of the language. I'd like another way of uniting us and getting a central circle functioning; more clarity; grateful for inclusion; glad to have heard voices.

Jori: Like the increased creativity and grateful for all the feedback

Jim: Excited about the connection; regret about the typo that may have prevented Ron, Eva, Aniruddha, and Kumarjeev from participating and delayed Chris' connection; grateful to have the support of the folks who participated today; moving closer to clarity about structure and systemic issues; hungry for feedback about other picture forming agenda item; suggest we try using email and the wiki to explore it.

Meeting was closed after 2 hours.

Request from the notetaker:

I'd like to invite folks to edit their closing round comments for clarity and brevity. I'd also enjoy you clarifying any issues in the picture-forming if they do not reflect your thoughts, feelings, or needs, or if fresh insights arise. My preference is that you use the wiki; if you are not yet comfortable with the wiki, you can email me your edits and I will edit for you.

Respectfully submitted with joy and gratitude,

Jim Manske

(PS Additions receeived via email from Dominic Barter are below)

Dear all,

I am disappointed to miss this meeting, as I already had teaching activities planned for this time.

I am eager to connect with you all and test the decision making abilities of this group configured in this way. I continue to experience much energy for co-creating CNVC, after almost 4 years of participation in committees and meetings of this sort, tempered by many, growing doubts about the directions taken during this time.

One of them is the lack of any current mechanism for participating except by being present at this call, something I imagine many - of not all - of us will experience at some point. So, with this e-mail, I hope to create such a mechanism:

Please see - and voice/include/consider and respond - to the comments I make after each item.

Please also add to the agenda discussion on the development of a time-scale for selecting meeting agendas (how many days before a meeting they are proposed, how each participant may contribute to them (wiki, etc.)).

Or - why not? - let me know if this would not be fun.

On 27 Nov 2006, at 16:44, Jim Manske wrote:

Time: 1300 UT/GMT, 8 am US EST, 2pm Central Europe Time (CET), 6:30pm India Time

Please canvass the time zones we are all mostly in most of the time and include all at th top of each agenda.

Please propose a way for making participation relatively equally economically viable for all participants (can CNVC provide the Skype credits for those living in high cost phone countries to dial in this way? Or....?)

(15 min) A. OPENING ROUND Requests: Name, Where calling from, Present feelings and needs, hopes for participating in the call; Requests for additional agenda items

Dominic; writing from Porto Alegre, Brazil; satisfied, meeting need for contribution and play; hoping call will nurture all with a sense of purpose, possibility and potential; see above for adicional agenda items, plus:

I would like to propose we implement a decision making proceedure that does not depend on all of us being on a call together at the same time.

When I first began dreaming of this last year I called it soc-e-ocracy, for fun. I have a class beginning in 5 minutes and am still sitting on my bed, so won't go into details on how this might work just now, but I would lik to be able to move faster than I predict we will if we meet on the phone at a frequency I would find doable.

Agenda item: Please write to me if you would be interested in collaborating on finding a way to do this between December 12th and 20th, test it in practise between December 21st and 28th, and then present it at the December 29th (or whenever) meeting.

8:15 am (10 min) B. ADMINISTRATIVE ITEMS – Facilitated by Jori

- Next meeting date: Wed Dec 29, 1600 UT, 5pm CET, 8am US PT, 9:30pm India Time

I would like this date to be suspended, pending a check to see if it is fisable for those intending to be present on the call, and a satisfactory mechanism for 'distant participation' (like this e-mail, or...?).

The date is good for me and I intend to be on the call that day.

- Acceptance of agenda for today

CONTENT 1325 (10 min) 1. Consent Items:

    • a. Jori as meeting facilitator today; yes
    • b. Jim as notetaker today; yes
    • c. Jim and Jori as functional leaders of GCC for one year; Withhold response pending a description of more information: where does this group fit in in the proposed overall organising structure of CNVC? What specific functions is this group expected to enact?

Request: Jim and Jori - do you consider you currently have the clarity, time and willingness to post the answer to these questions to us all? {Note from Jim: I am preparing a FAQ and will include these questions. Thanks, Dom}

Request - that this agenda item be moved to next meeting, after all have had opportunity to read and clarify understanding of your responses.

    • d. Aim of GCC; As for c)
    • e. Nonviolent governance utilizing consent, feedback, linking. Though I understand the principles referred to here, I have doubts as to the implementation of this way of working by groups like the Board over the last year and a bit and thus respond:

as for c)

    • f. Participants on the call today are the initial planning team for today.

Request: count me in

1335 (30 min) 2. Picture Forming of Organizational System: What could the GCC look like to support our aim? What forms and flows could support the free movement of information, and growth of the global network? What other questions could we be asking to clarify the structure? Who else to consult about a workable structure?

Jim: please post the minutes to this piece in technicolour detail, to support our informed response to 1. {Note from Jim: I would enjoy your feedback to see if your need for technicolour is met!}

1405 (25 min) 3. Picture Forming of Strategies to move toward Aim: What are the next steps? What strategies might be considered to help us move toward our aim? What problems might confront us? Who could help us? What capabilities might we need to acquire?

Jim: idem. {Note from Jim: We did not address this agenda item yet. I propose we try to gain some depth and clarity through the wiki or emai!} 1430 (30 min) D. CLOSING ROUND Facilitated by Jori - Observer Feedback (15 minutes) -Feedback on meeting effectiveness + Future Agenda items - What’s alive now? Celebrations and Mournings (15 minutes)

I'm feeling engaged and curious, having met my need for participation and creativity and noticing a tingling unmet need for connection. Would anyone enjoy sharing a written response to this e-mail and / or the voice meeting?

1500 Closing of Meeting

Love to all,


UK Sociocratic Circle

On Nov 22, 2006, Jori and Jim joined the UK Sociocratic Circle for a teleconference.

Eastern Europe

Monica Reu writes: "The Eastern European Network had its monthly teleconference meeting Nov 10, 2006 and following a sociocratic election process Laura Liliom from Hungary was elected to represent our network in the teleconference on the 28th of November."


On Nov 5, 2006, Jim and Jori participated in a call of the ENACC (The NVC English-speaking North American Coordinating Circle).


On Nov 2, 2006, Jim and Jori participated in a call of the S&EA/O (South and East Asia/Oceania Circle).

The S&EA/O Circle hosted A 2006 NVC Leadership event, and is considering one in 2007.



Dear Community,

We invite you to consider how you would like to be linked to others practicing NVC in your local area and to the broader NVC community. Would you like to contribute to this connectivity?

As sociocratically selected leaders of the new GCC for the coordination of NVC communities worldwide, I am delighted that Jim and I will working together to support the connectivity that could fuel global social transformation through the growth of NVC consciousness. We are committed to the fulfillment of the vision of having NVC teams in every country in the world. We will be working to help build teams in areas that do not have them, and learning from and supporting connection with existing NVC groups. This is one of the major areas of functionality identified for CNVC at the recent Board meeting.

We will be meeting later this month with the representatives previously nominated by existing circles to explore the structures and strategies that will provide representation and mutual connection that will support us all in fulfilling our shared vision of the growth of compassionate giving, joy, and nonviolence in the world.

We welcome your feedback about what support you would like in building your community, or in healing any lack of connection currently for you in connecting with CNVC or others practicing NVC in your community.

With warmth and delight,

Jori and Jim


Liebe Gemeinschaft in Gewaltfreier Kommunikation,

Wir laden euch alle ein, darüber nachzudenken, in welcher Art ihr verbunden sein wollt mit Menschen, die die Gewaltfreie Kommunikation leben, sowohl in eurer Region und auch in einem weiter gefassten Rahmen der NVC-Gemeinschaft. Möchtet ihr zu dieser Verbundenheit beitragen?

Als soziokratisch gewählte Leiter des neu eingerichteten GCC (Weltweiter Koordinierungsrat), der die Arbeit der NVC-Gemeinschaften weltweit koordinieren soll, bin ich froh darüber, dass Jim und ich zusammenarbeiten werden, um die Verbundenheit zu unterstützen, die zu einem Wachsen des Bewusstseins für gewaltfreie Kommunikation beiträgt und dadurch die globale soziale Transformation vorantreibt.

Wir haben den Willen, an der Erfüllung unserer Vision zu arbeiten, Teams in Gewaltfreier Kommunikation in jedem Land der Welt zu haben. Wir werden unterstützend beim Aufbau von Teams mitwirken in Gegenden, wo noch keine existieren. Dabei werden wir die Verbindung zu den Teams unterstützen, die es bereits gibt und von ihnen lernen. Dies ist eine der Hauptaufgaben für das CNVC, wie wir auf dem letzten Board Meeting herausgefunden haben.

In Laufe dieses Monats werden wir uns mit den kürzlich von den bereits arbeitenden Kreisen aufgestellten Repräsentanten treffen, um Strukturen und Strategien zu untersuchen, die eine Repräsentation und gegenseitige Verbindung leisten können. Von dieser Repräsentation und gegenseitigen Verbindung erhoffen wir uns eine breite Unterstützung, um diese uns gemeinsame Vision von wachsendem Mitgefühl, Geben und Nehmen von Herzen, Freude und Gewaltfreiheit in der Welt, mehr und mehr ins Leben holen zu können.

Wir freuen uns über Rückmeldungen, welche Art von Unterstützung ihr braucht, um eure Gemeinschaft aufzubauen oder eine momentan fehlende Verbindung zu heilen, und um euch mit dem CNVC und anderen "gewaltfrei" Aktiven in eurer Gemeinschaft zu verbinden.

With warmth and delight, (Etwa: Mit Wärme und Freude)

Jori und Jim


Cher(chère) membre de la Communauté CNV,

Ce message est une invitation à réfléchir à la manière dont vous souhaiteriez être reliés aux autres personnes pratiquant la CNV dans votre région ou, plus largement, dans le monde. Voulez-vous contribuer à la mise en place de liens entre nous?

Jim et moi avons été élus sociocratiquement directeurs du nouveau Cercle Général de Coordination chargé de coordonner les communautés CNV de par le monde. Je me réjouis de nous voir travailler ensemble au service d'une telle mise en lien qui, grâce à la conscience CNV, contribuera au changement social dans le monde. Nous nous sommes engagés à réaliser la vision consistant à mettre en place des équipes CNV dans tous les pays du monde. Nous aiderons à la création d'équipes dans les régions où elles sont inexistantes. Nous nous inspirerons et encouragerons les liens déjà établis entre les groupes CNV existants. Il s'agit d'une des missions principales confiées au Centre pour la CNV lors de la dernière réunion du Board.

Dans le courant de ce mois, nous rencontrerons les représentants préalablement désignés par les cercles existants afin d'explorer les structures et les stratégies propres à assurer la représentation et le niveau d'échange qui nous aideront tous à réaliser notre vision commune: voir la bienveillance, la joie et la non-violence grandir dans le monde.

Nous serions ravis de savoir comment nous pouvons vous aider à créer votre communauté ou à remédier à un éventuel manque d'échange avec le Centre pour la CNV ou avec d'autres personnes pratiquant la CNV autour de vous.

Très chaleureusement, au plaisir de vous lire,

Jori et Jim


Estimada Comunidad,

Los invitamos a que consideren la forma en que quisieran estar ligados a las otras personas practicantes de la Comunicación No Violenta en su área local y en la comunidad más amplia de CNV. Les gustaría contribuir con esta conectividad?

Como líderes sociocraticamente elegidos de la nueva GCC para la coordinación de las comunidades CNV en todo el mundo, estoy complacido de que Jim y yo estemos trabajando para apoyar la conectividad que podría fortalecer la transformación social a través del crecimiento de conciencia de la CNV.

Estamos comprometidos con alcanzar nuestra visión de tener equipos de CNV en cada país del mundo. Estaremos trabajando para ayudar a crear nuevos equipos de trabajo en áreas donde éstos no existen y, por otro lado, aprender y apoyar la conexión con los grupos existentes. Esta es una de las áreas de mayor funcionalidad identificadas por el CCNV en su más reciente reunión de junta directiva.

Nos estaremos reuniendo a fin de mes con los representantes nominados anteriormente por los círculos existentes con el fin de explorar las estructuras y las estrategias que proveerán la conexión y representación mutua que nos ayudarían a alcanzar una mayor visión de expansión de la alegría, el dar compasivamente y la no violencia en el mundo.

Aceptamos cualquier sugerencia o recomendación de la forma en que le gustaría recibir nuestro apoyo para la creación, el fortalecimiento de su comunidad o bien cualquier impedimento de comunicación con el CCNV.

Con cariño y felicidad,

Jori y Jim Manske


The GCC functions include contributing to support and connection throughout the CNVC network, sustaining existing circles and helping to cultivate new circles. We have a goal of having an NVC team in every country of the world by 2017. Our aspiration is that the GCC and these teams will live the process of NVC as fully as possible.

The GCC, like all the circles, is both an autonomous and interdependent entity empowered with determining and implementing strategies to fulfill its functionality within mutually determined guidelines. It will be linked to the decision-making in the Leadership Team through membership of its functional leaders and representatives.

As part of a sociocratic system, communication and power will be both "top down" and "bottom up". The GCC is one of a few "top level" circles of the LT and the functional leader(s) of the GCC are thus members of the LT which is responsible for the overall functioning of the organizations day-to-day business. Eventually, there will be an elected representative from the GCC as well that will sit on the LT, fulfilling the aspiration of double-linking.

We hope to have a GCC representative on the LT by the end of 2007. This will require clarity about the structure of the GCC which we are currently working on.

The leaders of the GCC are Jim and Jori Manske, elected sociocratically by the LT in October, 2006. To communicate via email with Jim and Jori, send mail to; Jim's Skype name is jimjori; Jori's Skype name is jorijim.


South and East Asia/Oceania Circle

Minutes of meeting with SEA&O, 3 November 2006

Hi everyone

These notes have been posted on our yahoo group as well. If anyone present at the meeting is unhappy with how I have recorded an aspect of the meeting please do let me know. I I have omitted anyone in the apologies please also let me know.

with care, Linda

Minutes for extra-ordinary meeting of SEA&O November 3, 2006

Present: Linda Rysenbry, Liz Gay, Cate Crombie (initially), Cherie Scott Jim & Jori Manske

Apologies: Shari Macree, Dorset Campbell Ross, Chris Rajendram, Ron Ngata

Checking-in: Linda – Grateful for Liz’s impulse for this meeting and grateful for Jori and Jim’s enthusiasm to get together. Liz – Hopeful of getting clarity and understanding and looking forward to the call Cherie – grateful to have managed to get on to the call by phone and happy to be here Jim – Enjoys community and remembering recently assisting another group in establishing connection and a circle and looking forward to contributing to SEA&O and others. Contributing to community is the ‘juice’ he enjoys. Jori – met Jim in community and is looking forward to an increase in connection in the Network. Sees the power of creation is in connections we make. Celebrating the restructuring designed in Atlanta is based on functionality rather than geography and therefore more in alignment with sociocracy.

Exchange around the intention of the meeting during which Jori – expressed intention for the meeting to be about connecting and then seeing how we decide to remain connected ongoingly and Liz – expressed desire for answers to questions she had about the output of the Atlanta meeting.

Through questions and discussion we:

· looked at the minutes from Atlanta – in particular the new structure –

Jori clarified that the structure is intended and agreements have been made, that support freedom to act by individuals who fulfil leadership roles eg. The Network managers Jim & Jori and Marshall & Valentina in their leadership roles, in circumstances that are extraordinary have the prior agreement of the team/GCC to take action as they see fit.

Liz sought clarifications and received empathy

Cherie – expressed that it matters very much to her HOW things are actioned. And not knowing details felt concerned about HOW actions had been taken regarding Liz gay’s membership Of the GCC.

Jim and Jori shared personal mourning in connection to the above.

Linda – acknowledged Jori’s personal mourning and expressed desire to hear a collective expression from the GCC (if it was true for them) of mourning. Feeling concerned about there being a ‘group’ that made the decision and now not having a sense of connection to the ‘group’. Empathy around fears connected to groups acting in a way which individuals later have misgivings about. Accepting that all were doing their best at the time; needing safety and to know that something has been harvested that might support us not repeating this.

Jori – expressed her personal harvest relating to having not taken action when she heard one more word than she would enjoy to hear. Enquired as to whether Linda would enjoy to contact all the GCC members and hear their harvest.

Checking out

Cherie – Glad to have taken the time to be present on the call and appreciating the connection having been heard.

Jim – Pleased with what was accomplished and sensing that we are part way toward where we want to be. Looking forward to the next part. Proposed another meeting be scheduled – all agreed.

Linda – Feeling light and very happy to have connected to need for harvesting and learning. Appreciating Jim and Jori having taken on the role of Network managers and looking forward to how we grow from here.

Liz and Jori remained on the line.

Next meeting date and time to be forwarded when established.