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John Abbe wrote
« Is it possible to have MediaWiki ignore capitalization, so that a link to "Social change" goes to a page called "Social Change" ? »

Can you explain a little more ? --Dieudonné 21:49, 20 December 2005 (CET)

I knew there was a page on social change. So on a page where social change was mentioned i made a link to Social change. But it looked like a link to a page that doesn't exist. So i checked the spelling and the actual page is Social Change. I imagine this kind of thing is going to happen many times to me and other people. I checked right away and fixed it, but not everyone will do this, and we will end up with multiple pages on the same topic, creating lots of work for wiki editors to merge pages, fix links, etc. So, i am wondering if there is a setting for MediaWiki that we can change so that it treats Social Change, Social change, social Change and social change all as the same thing. (aha, i see that the 2nd and 4th ones are already treated as the same!) --John Abbe 02:17, 21 December 2005 (CET)

Thank you ;) --Dieudonné 14:54, 21 December 2005 (CET)

I have no idea if this is possible, probably its possible to have something like a bot ? Or change the code by ourself ? I found a link in wikipedia

--Markus Pallo 11:12, 22.December 2005

I added a comment on the page NVC_Wiki_Technical_Issues. There is a planned feature on the roadmap of mediawiki release 1.6 .

--Markus Pallo


Hello Markus !

how about setting up a multilingual wiki : So we would have

with links between pages, like for :)

we are allready working on the subject here :


Sounds like a great idea! User:Markus Pallo and i talked about this earlier. We definitely want to get there eventually. We're just getting started, don't have the time and people resources to do it yet, so we thought we would start in English and see how things go. I'm certainly open to shifting, especially if you have the people resources to help make it happen!

--User:John Abbe


as John told, we thought about multilingual wiki. I will try to make some experiments for setting up several languages at the beginning of the next year.

--User:Markus Pallo

started to make some tests for interlanguage feature, problem at the moment there is no dns forwarding for subdomains (eg. So started to get this working first.

--User:Markus Pallo 02 Jan, 2006

had some discussion with mediawiki programmer how to provide interlanguage feature. At the moment they install multiple wikis (wikipedia) and make interwiki links between the wikis. So apache has to be configured to forward the subdomains to the correct installation. A user have to sign in into each wiki separately, they are also working on single sign on.

I asked if creation of namespaces for each language could be a possible solution for multiple languages on one wiki. They told me that there will be a new namespace manager, planned at the moment for release 1.6, which could handle this by multiple namespaces, but this would be only useful for less languages. In the next 3 weeks the last tests has to be finished they told. The namespace manager provides the feature that after clicking on a page from different namespace the user will stay in the given namespace as long he not select another.

They also work on a generic solution for real multiple languages inside the wiki. I asked for release date of real generic support, had no response yet.

At the moment i think i will not set up multiple wikis as long as we have the discussion many NVC wikis running. Any other opinions ?

How many languages we like to support at the moment ?

  • en
  • de
  • fr

Markus Pallo 11 Jan, 2006 16:52

I will try to install de and fr wiki next week.

Markus Pallo 25 Jan, 2006

Great ! Thank you Markus :) --Dieudonné 19:29, 25 January 2006 (CET)


There seems to be a bug on this wiki. Have a look at the bottom of this page :

warmly, Dieudonné

for me it seems not like a bug, it looks like a spam spider which adds generic content. At the moment i have no idea how to protect this, without introducing required logins. Did you have any ideas ?

--User:Markus Pallo

I guess the Wikipedia community has allready been confronted to this kind of problem, and has made a robot to prevent this kind problem. For example, after having set up theses pages :

I wanted to set the Italien version of it by copying the text of presentation used here :

but a robot discovered it was a copy of an existing page, and then removed the article.


There is half of a spam solution here:

When the system that helps us share blacklists among sites is created, then we can try it out. Actually, we could create our own blacklist. I haven't checked yet, but i think a lot of what's getting posted is the same links over and over. --John Abbe 09:20, 21 December 2005 (CET)

Added SpamBlacklist of mediawiki . Current SpamBlacklist .

-- Markus Pallo

Open the code?

How about a version-controlled repository of the live code which runs this site (I like the darcs change control system, which is Free Software--it makes all of what I am about to suggest nice and easy).

Thus we could have a page in the wiki which shows where to pull the current code from, and where people who enjoy hacking a bit (like myself), can code some feature, or write a new CSS theme, for example, and then e-mail off a patch guaranteed to work against the code you are running.

(By the way, who has access to the installed code?)

--Jason Felice

We can think about this, I installed the wiki and have access to the code. Who will be the owner of the version control system ? I know about cvs, but do not like to host the server for control system. How often we want to update the live system ? Who will be responsible for changes to be running ?

-- Markus Pallo

I like the idea of Dieudonné, but who have enough web space and traffic for low money to provide ?

-- Markus Pallo

Actually I'm trying that with an old Mac G4 in my attic (for the moment it has a 120 gig hard drive, and Mac OS 10.3.9 , but I'd like to switch to Ubuntu :)

The good thing about BitTorrent is you don't necessarly need much bandwith for the traffic.

--Dieudonné 16:50, 2 January 2006 (CET)

You like to host the .bittorent files on the server to give users the fileinfo for downloading from other bittorent users ? It looks like your server shows the tracks you have downloaded yet? So the nvctorrent community will share files provided by themself ?

What about uploading the .bittorent files to the wiki ? And make a info page for each file or package ?

--Markus Pallo 19:30, 2 January 2006 (CET)

I was just trying theses tchnologies, and the good news is : it seems to be quite accessible ! I did it :) The files made accessible on this computer :

were uploaded by me. Actually I was looking for a way to make them accessible without taking the risk to have my bandwith saturated by the visitors downloads. The wikipedia:BitTorrent and wikipedia:Azureus softwares make it possible.--Dieudonné 19:51, 2 January 2006 (CET)

Do you like to continue discussion via irc or skype ?

--Markus Pallo 20:05, 2 January 2006 (CET)


Introduced a NVCWorld page for discussion/comparison about and .

--Markus Pallo 17:30, 3 January 2006 (CET)