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Michael Nagler's book Is There No Other Way? shattered my worldview and put it back together in a different way, one which acknowledges the power of nonviolence. For that I am grateful.

I was introduced to Nonviolent Communication by User:John Abbe by a post which he made over on Orkut introducing NVC to the folks in the nonviolence community. And for this I am grateful, as well.

I am a technology consultant and system designer and programmer, and enjoy exploration of nonviolence-related ideas, application of them, and finding synergies between the philosophy of nonviolence and things like management practices and systems thinking. Perhaps I will write articles about those here. I think I will use this page as a sort of blog, then.

I have had this Practice_Group_Finder_Idea...

Contacting Me

On Freenode (, I'm JasonFelice. I hang out in the #nvc channel, among others.