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You have found a page for the group supporting the Compassion In Action conference through technology. Included in the effort is fostering community before the event, including remote people during the event, and distributing information after the event.

An intention is to support the conference enough to engage participants in shaping technology use for the larger NVC USA Project.

Website for conference:


People helping out so far include Rick Smith, Tony Varghese, User:John Abbe, User:Lmarvell, User:Parenthesis Eye (aka (I)An-ok), Lucy Perry and Mark Schultz.


John sent word out to NVC webmasters

wireless access at Mills

Erica will let us know this week - our understanding is there will be a per person fee.

set up Drupal

Who: Linnaea, Tony and Parenthesis Eye (Lucy for advanced questions)

Prioritize which of these should happen before registrants are added and the siteis announced.

  • Profiles - for participants' names, photos, bios, sessions offered
  • set up navigation links
  • enter initial text, basic conference information - draw on wiki (Parenthesis Eye)
  • set up forums: ride sharing, housing cooperation, ideas for the conference, session ideas [and/or in profile?]
  • prominent pointers to help, tech support
  • Chatbox
  • Upload module
  • import attendees' login name, default password (Lucy)
  • announce it
  • Aggregator

set up SynchroEdit

collaborative editing system for collective note-taking is willing to host it, and Kalle is intending to have it set up by June 15

(John, Rick, Linnaea)


hardware/software for sessions (Rick will ask Erica if Mills would supply)

interviews -> podcasting - we're asking techies we know for help as none of us are audio/video experts

training / tech support

"NVC Geek" pins/badges! (Linnaea)

Time on chatbox - Linnaea, Rick, Tony, (I)An-ok, Tony

Things to add to Erica' announcement

Announce website, including support - Chatbox, contact people - (I)An-ok,

Request for projectors

Request for microphones


Support for SynchroEdit, Drupal, and other net NVC resources:

  • flyers
  • someone at registration table
  • talking it up
  • taking & posting photos
  • visible tech support

reporting - written & audio & video?

audio visual devices - local, remote


Follow up - drupal

Harvesting/Learnings/Pass along strategies