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You have found a page for the group supporting the Compassion In Action conference through technology. Included in the effort is fostering community before the event, including remote people during the event, and distributing information after the event.

An intention is to support the conference enough to engage participants in shaping technology use for the larger NVC USA Project.

Website for conference:

Next meeting

Celebrations/mournings about how things went

The ask at the end of the conference raised more than $400, so now we can decide what to do with it :-)

What/who/how re post-conference work on the website

Future NVC events, other future NVC tech work


People helping out so far include Rick Smith, User:Anthony Varghese, User:John Abbe, User:Lmarvell, User:Parenthesis Eye (aka (I)An-ok), Lucy Perry and Mark Schultz. Most of us will be at the conference. We'll be wearing pins, as will others who we've shown how to use all the tools we've developed:



John sent word out to NVC webmasters

wireless access at Mills

Erica let us know that Mills College charges a per person fee.

Rick and then John have been negotiating for something that would make it likely for more people to participate in what we've set up.

set up Drupal

Who: Linnaea, Tony and Parenthesis Eye (Lucy for advanced questions)

Prioritize which of these should happen before registrants are added and the siteis announced.

  • General Text - (I)An-ok to take the lead on this section
    • Slogan - done
    • Mission - done
    • Footer Statement - not needed
    • enter initial text, basic conference information - done
    • Front Page Text - done
    • session ideas [and/or in profile?]
    • prominent pointers to help, tech support - done
  • General Configuration
    • Profiles - for participants' names, photos, bios, sessions offered ~ Tony and (I)An-ok to figure out which fields and set up.
    • Configure content types - Linnaea - done
    • set up navigation and blocks - done
    • set up cron - Linnaea
    • Create and enter a taxonomy
  • Modules - enable and configure
    • Forums - done
      • set up forums: ride sharing, housing cooperation, ideas for the conference - Linnaea - done
    • Chatbox - done
    • Upload - done
    • Image - Linnaea done
    • Aggregator done
      • Configure to take feed from NVC Wiki site - Linnaea
    • Blog - done
    • Comment - done
    • Ping - done
    • Poll - done
    • Help -done
    • Page - done
    • Path no
    • Profile - done
    • Search - done
    • Taxonomy - done
    • Locale - not sure about this. We're in favor of multiple language support, but unsure of our ability given time and skill - for now opting for ease.
    • Added image galleries and folksonomy support for the 'Interest' Taxonomy Term
  • Look and Feel
    • Add conference logo - Rick
    • Decide on theme(s) and enable/configure - Lucy
  • Share
    • import attendees' login name, default password (Lucy)
    • announce it

Notes from midnight drupal meeting 6-15-6 Written by (I)An-ok – Parenthesis Eye

Question: At it says that “content” is “disabled” – what does that mean exactly?

Answer: particular piece from showing up on navigation

Question: I enabled “forums” – why was it disabled?

Answer: were disabled because the menu item was incorrectly set up – under the modules link a module is enabled if a box is checked enabled

Question: Why is the “contact” module disabled? Could I add conference organizers’ info onto it?

Answer: Yes. (this now has been done)

Question: What about enabling clean URLs -

Answer: Would need to configure server for it – aliases. Linneae did not change settings because of complications with use of server, but is willing to change it if need be.


Done – Set up background info block

Done - Online conference registration block

Question: Do we really want “books” as a top link?

Answer: Name for that has been changed.

Question: How about us giving a workshop at the event to introduce and explain the Drupal site? Answer: Let’s do it!

Done - New giraffe image/pic

Done – Name “Users” should be changed to something else

Done - Lucy is eager to tweak the theme

Done - Add NVC wiki planning part to background information

Done - Profile fields for users – make a list of things to include in it and send to Tony

Relatively done - Have site ready by Monday

Take notes and add to tech page on wiki – what needs to be done, what has been done – (here it is!)

People should feel free to change stuff if it looks better some other way

Doesn’t have a theme engine installed right now, is currently running 4.7

Monday tech team all looks at it, thereby, Wed or something is the grand opening – data dump w/ lucy

Add anything to forums that is fitting for it or helpful

set up SynchroEdit

A collaborative editing system for collective note-taking. People at the conference will be able to take notes on the same page, and peoplenot at the conference will be able to follow along.

The SynchroEdit people are hosting it - see to try it out.

(John, Rick, Linnaea)


hardware/software for sessions (Rick will ask Erica if Mills would supply)

interviews -> podcasting - we're asking techies we know for help as none of us are audio/video experts

training / tech support

"NVC Geek" pins/badges! (Linnaea) - Done!

Time on chatbox - Linnaea, Rick, Tony, (I)An-ok, Tony


It won't let a user log into more than one session at a time. To log out of a session, go "back" in your browser.

Whatever time you set for a session to end, it will only end on the next hour.

Things for tech announcement

Ask people to bring laptops

Announce resources - website, SynchroEdit, wiki, wireless access

Announce support - Chatbox, contact people - (I)An-ok,

Request for projectors

Request for microphones

Announce ways for those not present to participate

  • CNVC - Kay (website), Jori (Friends of NVC)
  • Etc.


Support for SynchroEdit, Drupal, and other net NVC resources:

  • flyers
  • someone at registration table
  • talking it up
  • taking