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Outreach for Compassion In Action - who's contacting who

  • User:John Abbe
    • Alaska - Noticed there's an IIT in Yukon in March 2006. I probably won't go, but will make sure some outreach is done there to any folks from Alaska.
    • Mississippi - I've sent a few e-mails, nothing back yet...
  • Margarita - North and South Dakota, Wisconsin, Minnesota
  • Jane - a few states in the Northeast: NY, NJ, Mass., Conn.
  • Rick - Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois
  • Judi - Maine, Georgia

NVC folks around the USA:

States with no trainers or supporters signed up: Alaska, Delaware, Hawaii, Iowa, Kentucky, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, West Virginia, Wyoming.


(also see Compassion In Action Invitation, and if you come up with good text while doing outreach, copy it to that page)

For outreach phone calls, let people know that this project and conference exist, and share your own excitement about it. Hopes:

  • to develop support for new groups
  • connect with each other
  • foster learning
  • possibly invite them to join phone conferences if they seem excited about the work
  • share some of the Compassion In Action Sample Sessions

Feel free to invite people to join this group on our next call.

More about who to reach out to:

Where are the nascent communities? the individuals wanting to build community?

this is a gathering for people who are interested specifically in creating or supporting networks and communities of NVC practitioners.

Focus on outreach also in areas that are most likely to be conservative. Who are the people we know who are conservative and into NVC?

Possible NVC networker people

Kit's brainstorm list:

  • Martha Young
  • Paul N Dakota
  • Boulder people
  • DC
  • Rita Herzog
  • Atlanta
  • Virginia

John's list:

  • Paul Sterling
  • Andy Perry
  • Duke Duchscherer
  • Pat Arcady

Another possibility - Community and network people who may not be so much into NVC but can tell us about community- and network-building? As coach, consultant and/or facilitator? prep for conference, at conference itself, both?

Tree Bressen, Raines Cohen, Rosa Zubizaretta, Lisa Heft, Tom Atlee?