Spreading NVC in Eugene June 22, 2006

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John will be a trainer at the workshop we are planning (there may be other trainers as well).

The workshop will be for people who are at an "intermediate" level of learning with NVC.

Future meetings:

Friday, July 14, 6:45pm at John's house - 1680 Walnut St

Tuesday, July 25, 6:45pm, location to be decided

Action Items

John will sum up what people said they would like for the workshop, send it out on e-mail and put it on the wiki.

Everyone will consider if they want none, one or more additional trainers - and if they want more, consider who? (likely agenda item for next meeting)

Sparrow, Meta, John will come up with possible dates & venues. Suzi has info on venues.

Everyone will let this working group know about dates that are particularly good or bad.


We agreed to spend 25 minutes on the workshop proposal and 25 minutes on how having assistants might work (drawing on experience from the introduction Lisa-Marie recently organized). After 25 minutes, we decided to continue with workshop proposal through the end of the meeting.

Attending: Sparrow, Sharon, Meta, Bev, Suzi, John

Workshop proposal

John as trainer?

(I didn't take notes during this conversation, so this is from memory. Meta took some notes, and may add important things i'm missing here.)

Sharon proposed that John be a trainer for the fall workshop.

Bev said she doesn't know John well, asked Sharon to say why John.

Sharon said that she had seen John giving empathy and expressing himself in the moment, in the spirit of NVC, several times at the last meeting and thought she could learn something from him.

Meta said that she had also experienced that in several groups and a couple of one-on-one sessions with John.

Sparrow asked for John's experience.

John said he had done a lot of informal training, often prefers to "teach from below". Also, he's led a number of sessions at IITs and other intensives, and co-led or led about a dozen workshops, mostly in Sri Lanka [1], mostly two-day introductions. (why am i writing in third person? :-)

The group (including John) then explicitly decided to have John be a trainer at the workshop we're planning.

We did a round on who has energy to organize this workshop: Sharon has some, Suzi and Meta a little, Bev probably not, and Sparrow wants to know the workshop date before deciding.

Workshop for who, what content?

A go-round on what we'd like the workshop to focus on - introduction vs. intermediate vs. both, and what content:

Sparrow - Restaurant, do it all: beginners, intermediate. Some time together, some separately. Gender balance among trainers, or at least among trainers & assistants together.

Sharon - Prefer to include everybody, but not attached to that. Wants something where she gets to learn about giving empathy to self and others in the moment, express in the moment. New exercises.

Meta - Prefer intermediate, deepening skills among folks already into NVC. Get to know each other better, e.g. able to guess what reactions might mean with some accuracy, and what kind of support the person might wish. Inclined not to include beginners also because you never get to everything, so don't overplan; but would support it if the group chose it. Content: deepening, empathy, requests, mediation (any one sufficient).

Bev - Prefer intermediate. Experiential, small groups or large then small to reflect on it, whatever. Everything but observation is stuff i could increase my skills.

Suzi - Was thinking intro, now thinking intermediate, that would build in us the skills we need to teach others. An intermediate workshop might require less planning and marketing time. Role-plays. Packals (when one person has two or more internal jackal voices speaking for different needs). Build a cohesive group with confidence in our skills and each others' skills. And then have intros, offer to the commty that we feel confident about.

John - Was excited about doing both, now shifted. Content-wise, happy with everything proposed (though we may not get to it all), have an exercise on requests and choicefulness that would be good for intermediate. Fine with coming to workshop with a plan, would prefer to have a lot of freedom to work with whatever comes up, hold the plan fairly lightly.

Sparrow - Also shifted to willingness to do intermediate. This isn't the last workshop that we'll ever do!

The group then explicitly decided that this workshop will be for people who are at an "intermediate" level of learning with NVC.

Other notes

We agreed to all facilitate as needed, and Sharon agreed to "be the facilitator", to hold particular attention to process and step in if no one else was.

Suzi celebrated Lisa-Marie's recent intro several times.

We finished pretty much on time.

Sparrow remembered her glasses this time.

User:John Abbe took these notes.