NVC USA Meeting 3 Jun 2006

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Sat, June 3, 12-1:30pm PDT

712-580-7700 code: SPEAKPAX


  • Dates of future meetings still okay enough?
    • Sun June 11, 2006 - 12:00 PDT, 1:00 MDT, 2:00 CDT, 3:00 EDT
    • Mon June 26, 2006 - 3:00 PDT, 4:00 MDT, 5:00 CDT, 6:00 EDT
  • Registration update
  • Hospitality Committee / Connection Cafe
  • Technology update: wireless access, web space, recording (see Compassion in Action Technology)
  • Leaderfulness check-in / conversation
  • T-shirts - was there something pending from last meeting? Notes from NVC USA Meeting 21 May 2006 are vague

notes from the mtg:

1. next time check in re in person gathering for 4:30 June 30 (Kit) gather again as a group in one of the last sessions of the weekend? (not the very last to accomodate people needing to leave the event early)

2. update re hospitality-we will discuss some of the strategies this group generated at our next call. Jane and Lisa will craft a questions re participation in this and send to Kit for inclusion in survey being sent to participants

3.kit reported on registration: we're at 70 people now and still have people inquiring. Mills is holding a min of 75 beds for it. Kit has enjoyed conversations with people from various places, describing the gathering.

4. Leaderfulness checkin-Jane reported that she had spoken with Jerry Koch Gonzalez about the idea of adding aleaderful component and Jerry felt that given that it's just 2 days, and open space already, to let the current structure stand. The group agreed.

5. Event focus-Jane expressed concern about the focus of the conference, wants to ensure that the conference structure and sessions will definitely support our aim to contribute to the spread of NVC. Lisa wondered about if/how to share sociocracy and whether to create various circles. John wanted to ensure that the message shared in the opening circle of the conference would clarity that theme. Jane thought of identifying obstacles to spreading nvc, and to use those as a focus for sessions. Lisa wondered about using the survey to help identify obstacles. john suggested identifying vision and obstacles to reaching it. Wondered about using the conference as a way to create next steps and mission for our project

a. resolving conflicts within nvc communities

b fundraising for nvc work-Mary

c.use of technology in community bldg and sharing the work


e. schools

f. restorative justice and nvc-working with incarcerated populations

g. outreach/marketing

h how to build community when you're a lone ranger

i. how to keep people involved with the nvc community

j nvc and economics

k social change

l sociocracy and networking

m. nvc research

n logistics of staring an nvc org

o nvc and business

agreed to discuss this at next mtg. Kit will identify people to lead the sessions above

6. technology-several people working on this. There is wireless on campus at Mills. There is an effort\ to create a drupal website-have reserved the domain compassioninactionusa.org. Have discussed will record out next meeting (after our checkin)

7. t-shirt-agreed to the slogan "What are we going to do about our United States?" with the url beneath-so that these t shirts can be a billboards for our work for years to come!

8. check out