NVC USA Meeting 25 Feb 2006

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Compassion In Action Planning

Saturday, Feb 25, 2006 from noon-1:30 Pacific time


  • Mary Mackenzie - Facilitator
  • Kit Miller
  • Lisa Goldish
  • Meta Hough
  • Rick Smith

Next Meetings

  • Sun, Mar 18, noon PST (Rick facilitate; Kit take notes)
  • Sun, Apr 2, 4PM PDT (NOTE: first day of daylight savings)
  • Sat, Apr 15, 1PM PDT (newly scheduled)

Logo review

Narrowing down the selection. Choice is for outline of USA with people linked with hearts. Next round is to review with and without sun, and with bigger people. Group agrees to go with decision of Kit, Mary and Lisa.


Kit will registration information, including sliding scale and that it includes room and board. Kit will also include some words about the purpose being focused on USA.

Lisa will work on a flyer independent of this to be able to pass out during Marshall's visit in Minnesota.


Some internal outreach - people in the meeting reaching out to people who have been attending the meeting. Rick will contact John A. Lisa will contact Margarita, John K., and Wade. Rick will remind Jane Conner of request for feedback of lessons learned from her spring event, as well as to pass information out to people attending that.

Even though invitation will be going out soon, keep the personal outreach going.

Also have a specific invite reach to people mentioned on Samples page.


Disussion of money, if there is money left over, where will it go. Items mentioned:

  • next US project event
  • US project related activities, such as mediation for communities.

Cash flow issue: money has been and needs to be given to Mills College, and registration to this point doesn't cover it. Need to locate source which can cover gap.

Kit will send request to yahoogroups list.


Number from at least a week ago was 9. At least one more registered since then. Kit will send out numbers periodically to yahoo group list to keep people thinking.

Remember: as you do outreach, encourage registration.

Action Items


  • add registration info and purpose to invitation
  • send out request for covering deposit for the venue
  • send out registration numbers periodically

Mary, Kit, Lisa

  • review and choose a logo



  • check in with Margarita, John K, and Wade

Please put agenda items for next time on NVC USA Meeting 18 Mar 2006 page.