NVC USA Meeting 18 Mar 2006

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3-4:30 EST ; Noon-1:30 PST


  • Next Meetings - schedule the rest of the meetings. Currently:
    • Sun, Apr 2, 4-5:30pm PDT (Note: Daylight Savings starts this day)
    • Sat, Apr 15, 1PM PDT
  • Invitations
    • Individuals - such as listed in sample sesions
    • websites - CNVC and others
    • trainers and other email lists?
  • Flier
  • Outreach update
  • Registration update - Kit
  • Budget update - Kit
  • wiki training update - Lisa
  • Present final logo to full group
  • identify someone to contact Sandy at NCDD (Kit's item)
  • how will we share what we learned at the conference with others?

Present: Rick Smith (facilitating), Kit Miller (note taker) Itara O'Connor, Jane Connor, Lisa Goldish

1. check in

2. scheduling new meetings: Sat May 6 Sun May 21 SAt June 3, Sun June 18- all meetings 12:00 Pacific, 3:00 EST

3. Jane requested that someone email her on Apr 2 to remind her of sending out learnings from the E Coast "leaderful" gathering

4. checked in regarding specific people we would like to have attend the conference, people who are leading the way in nvc applications: Sura Hart is not sure about coming, Tom Caruso from the nvc research group is registered, Kit has been in touch with people from Freedom Project about attending, Fred Sly is planning to attend on behalf of the Restorative Justice group.

5. Rick will contact John Abbe regarding possible web site for conference and Rick will begin developing a wiki-style site

6. Lisa has begun developing a flyer for the conference and will send it to the group for feedback by Sat Mar 25. Jane agreed to take the flyer, even if it's in draft, to the Northeast Leaderful gathering and ask people to consider attending and/or to share the info with their respective communities.

7. Kit visited Mills College-she's waiting for a revised contract to know if there's a request for support re needing money upfront. Rick and Kit will partner on coming up with a detailed budget and recommendations regarding scholarships and report back to the group Apr 18.

8. Kit asked if people would help to identify someone who would enjoy supporting the conference, either by underwriting the event, or by contributing for scholarships. Rick was going to check with his company. Kit will mention this again at future meetings. Current budget includes cost of venue, materials, Gina's fee and some take away item, like a t-shirt

9. Rick agreed to contact Sandy Heierbach at the National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation, an organization Miki Kashtan is connected with, regarding organizine a conference using all volunteers, and how best to disseminate learnings from an event to a broader network.

10. Kit asked for ideas re how to share what happens at the conference. Other open space events she's been to has been to have used scribes in the various groups to record major discussion points and key learnings that were put on computers there at the conference, that a compilation of the learnings from the gathering was made during the event itself. Wondered about doing that and what other ideas there are... Rick suggested contact journalism schools to get scribes Kit wondered about having video cams at the event, using participatory video to record Kit will ask Gina and Matthew Bloom (a local open space facilitator) for ideas. Discussed possibly using some money from the event to have someone work before, during and after to think through and operationalize ideas for sharing. Kit hopes for a creative mix of photos, written accounts, audio and video recordings of the event on a website.

11. check out and gratitude