NVC USA Meeting 15 Apr 2006

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Sat, Apr 15, 1-2:30pm PDT

712-580-7700 code: SPEAKPAX

Proposed Agenda

  • Future meeting adjustments?
    • Sat May 6, Sun May 21, Sat June 3, Sun June 18 - all meetings 12:00 Pacific, 3:00 EST
  • Goals & Plans for Beyond Compassion In Action Conference. Started last meeting with:
    • clearinghouse of what is happening and who's doing it
    • country-wide calendar, perhaps in wiki format
    • FAQ webpage on how NVC endeavors have been accomplished
    • regional sharing of resource people {enlivening to bring in people outside of 'local'}
    • 800-EMPATHY hotline {perhaps sponsored by a donor and staffed by NVC volunteers with some substantial experience}
  • Budget - Kit and Rick
    • 24 people registered
    • Re-assess May 3rd
  • Compassion In Action as a leaderful event? Jane's question from NVC USA Meeting 2 Apr 2006
    • concern: messiness and need for order
    • difference between events: 29 people for 5 days, and 120 people for 3 days
    • similarity in events: skilled NVC practioners
  • More ideas on how to share what happens at the conference? (point 10 from NVC USA Meeting 18 Mar 2006)

Meeting Notes

Attended: Kit (facilitating), Lisa, Margarita, Mary, Meta, Rick (notes)

1. Setting Agenda

Meta - add two questions:

  • What are local communities needing?
  • Will resources (or how will resources) be available to address those

at the conference?

2. Time adjustments for next meetings. None. Note: Kit may miss next meeting, but may be able to join in because it's at lunchtime.

3. Add source to ideas

  • Rick: clearinghouse info
  • Lisa: calendar
  • Jane?: FAQ webpage
  • Jane: regional
  • Kit: 800-EMPATHY
    • NOTE: Mary tried it in flagstaff - insurance issues liability is a problem.


  • Meta: mediation services / training
    • Kit said: creation of a third-sider system - someone that people can turn to help when in conflict.
  • Kit: hope goals will arise from people at the conference
  • Mary: technology
    • using tech to teach NVC
    • using tech to increase community

4. Budget

24 people registered. Invitation sent out today to encourage people to register by the end of the month if they are planning on attending.

Roughly $4500(fixed) + $130(per person)

Costs are not covered yet if people attend at lower end of sliding scale.

Need to give Mills staff a count about 60 days before conference (so beginning of May).

Aside: Kit reminded that it's a beautiful place.

5. Invitation -

Mary and Meta: wanting more information; not compelling enough.
Shift from saying what people might be interested, to what people would get out of attending. Include outcomes expected from attending, given that it is open space and we don't know the details of what will be offered.

Ask question of people getting invitation to please respond with what are their communities needing, even if they are not planning on attending.

Add email for people to send their responses: NVC-Compassion-In-Action@yahoogroups.com
Add link to website of sessions that will be offered: http://en.nvcwiki.com/index.php/Compassion_In_Action_Sessions

Re: Flyer -- Lisa contact Jane, as Jane was going to contact Dian and update the flyer

6. Compassion In Action as a Leaderful Event - put this topic forward for Jane to be present.

  • Mary: Jane could offer a leaderful gathering event;

7. More ideas on how to share what happens at the conference
May be a better idea for next time when there's a sense of how much money there is to work with.

  • Mary went to an event where a volunteer note taker filled out a form and turned that in. Notes were printed and handed out to attendess. May be different with open space. Would need to have forms ready for any would be presenters. Does Mary have a copy of that form?
  • Kit: Podcasting -- how does that work?
  • Mary: notes taken on laptop/tablet are already in computerized form. Saves typing.
    • suggestion to request to participants who have a laptop / tablet to bring them.
  • Rick: will have civicspaces going for next time. It's supposed to have a number of featurs to support groups similar to ours. May be simpler to use Yahoogroups.

How to stay connected after the conference?

  • Meta: hand out attendee list, preferably at the beginning of conference to have while meeting other people there.
  • some discussion on how to add new people to list, as well as corrections. Idea may be to have it ready for Saturday morning.

8. What are local communities needing? Where they've fall down and what's worked? Is this being asked of people registering? Or registered?

  • Kit: easier to ask people who are already registered than alter the registering process to add this in.
  • Include question in the invitation (see above)

9. Are resources going to be there with the experience to address these needs, so people who are thinking of going can make a decision about going?

  • with open space, don't know the topics ahead of time.
  • however, can have a list of things given by people who will be there so people know those things will happen -- Kit: communities, what's worked and what hasn't; Inbal: parenting. Add these to wiki and have it be a list that can grow and is maintained. Compassion In Action Sessions

10. checkout