NVC USA Meeting 13 Nov 2005

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Please do not edit this page, it's an archive of meeting notes for the Compassion In Action conference. Do try to incorporate everything from it into the relevant pages of Compassion In Action Planning pages.

Nov 13, 3:30-5:30pm Pacific time

Present: Rick Smith, Kit Miller, Judi Lardner, Meta Hough, User:John Abbe, Jane Connor

growing compassion in america: planting seeds, tending communities a national conference for the US conference

compassion growth community building gathering the US networks and communities of compassion

network building

supporting the growth

Gathering the Tribes: networking and community building for NVC in the US

Seeds of Compassion: networking

Peace and Social Justice:

Meeting Needs for Hope/Dialogue

the US is a place of special significance internationally now... coming from a place of concern about the impact of the US on global scene

Creating A World that Works for All:

supporting the growth of compassionate NVC communities and networks in the US

One final possibility: Turning to Compassion: Networking and Community Building for NVC in the US

Rick suggested that we would ask some people, especially those who we might reach out to attend the conference, to check out reactions.

Agreed to take a week, let it marinate based on peoples' reactions

discussion re logo:

discussed developing a logo/symbol that could be used in all of the materials and even perhaps for the project itself, or future gatherings.

kit to ask miguel apaza to see if he would like to do that

asking people:

Jane suggested that we generate a few of the potential workshops and presenters, as well as info about Open Space and Gina Lawrie who will facilitate.

action item: John will create Wiki for this project

action item: everybody will check the listing of NVC supporters/trainers on the CNVC website to see who they know, and report back on what states they will reach out to.

action item: Kit will develop a budget per person and clarify with Mills how many people we can accomodate total

Jane: important to clarify that the intention/purpose of this event is to spread nvc, not on teaching nvc skills.

Next meetings: Nov 27, Dec 18, Jan ??

agenda for next time: conference related:

  • decision re some potential titles for workshops

& some names of people w/ brief bios

  • decision re outreach nationally - who's contacting who
  • update re outreach for more people on this committee
  • discuss strategy of local hospitality team and funding for people who need support
  • discuss strategy of building community at the event
  • Playback Theater at the conference
  • other initiatives for the project