NVC USA Meeting 11 Jun 2006

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1. Confirm upcoming meetings: June 26 3pm PST and In-person gathering June 30th at 4:30 p.m. in Oakland.

2. Registration update. New registrations are coming along.

3. Hospitality Committee update. Mary, Linnea and John volunteered to provide empathy at the gathering, but would prefer not to be involved in planning meetings for hopsitality. Lisa requests that committee members review the Compassion in Action Hospitality Committee wiki page and mark the areas where they feel juice to support the committee's efforts. Please do this by Friday, 6/16, or email Lisa at lgoldish@aol.com. Lisa and Jane will look at the items marked and then submit a list of additional areas that need support to the PIA team with specific requests.

4. Technology update. John is enjoying the energy surrounding working on the web page. Rick will follow up on whether there are restrictions on connection sharing or if there are bulk discounts for wireless connections at Mills College. John will put something on the CNVC website letting non-registrants know that there are ways people can participate through technology who are not attending the gathering. John will ask Kit to contact workshop facilitators to provide their handouts electronically so they can be posted on the WIKI for non-registrants to enjoy. John is requesting that someone coordinate the recording of all the workshops. Linnea is willing to support this process by getting the recordings onto the web. Mary will talk with Mark about recording some of the workshops.

5. T-shirt update. No new update.

6. Supporting Kit and the gathering. Mary to contact Kit to find out how she'd most enjoy being supported and how we can support the gathering when she's at family camp.

7. Framing the conference. John would like us to clarify our hopes and dreams for the gathering and present this information to the participants in opening statements in a way that invokes and inspires. John requested that the committee clarify their dreams and visions for the gathering. The following represents this:

Our dreams and vision - Lisa - "Leave conference inspired, invogorated, energized and feeling supported in returning to their community and making more things happen in NVC or make more NVC growth manifest."

Marguerita - Have a sense of community and interest in more awareness and desire to spread NVC. To help people reach trainer level skill.

Linnea - Come out of this with a sense of deep connection and belonging that they have national and global support for advancing the rising NVC consciousness. Create a wider support community.

Rick - Looking for support in a network community nationally, regionally and locally to take advantage of wanting to connect with other people who support and live NVC.

Meta - Looking for specific help about difficulties in her local community and also for more of a support structure for young communities to help them avoid the diffulties her community experienced.

Mary - Support local NVC communities so that we can make a greater impact on expanding the NVC consicousness in the United States and improve the U.S.'s involvement and influence in the world.

John - Personal power and support to know what we already have avilable to us, the hope and power for people getting all the community and network support they want to spread NVC, and to contribute to the United States becoming a postiive influence in the world.

8. We closed with a quick check out.