Compassion in Action Hospitality Committee

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Welcoming and Hospitality Committee

Jane, Meta and Lisa telemet May 31, and would like to share our gleanings with you, and request your support.

We would like to specifically request:

  • your volunteering for involvement in or leadership of the areas for which you feel juice
  • your ideas and feedback via email
  • more fleshing out of the area noted with *** below, by whoever's idea it was {twas not ours}

Please list your name below after the // ( IN LOWER CASE ) where you feel some enthusiasm to offer support and involvement.
Please list your name below after the // ( IN ALL CAPS ) where you have some joyful energy to offer leadership.

Please note that Jane, Bob and Lisa have juice for supporting many of the idease below, though are not listing their name after each. We have listed our names where our strongest interest lies.

Needs That We Hope This Committee Will Meet

warmth, connection, comfort, inclusion, belonging, fun, relief and caring.
We desire that these needs be perceived as purpose, rather than for being threatening, or 'for rejects'


  • name: Welcoming and Hospitality Committee
  • empathy team // mary
    • wearing heart buttons // linnaea, rick
    • proactivity
      • approaching people who seem to be triggered // BOB
      • waiting to be approached = less use of empathy support
    • "over my head" back up "expert" empathizers // john, mary
      • certified trainers, mary
  • buddies
  • ice breaker game{s}
    • at start of conference // LISA
    • other times throughout the conference
    • "dyads jump up" // LISA
    • facilitated by different people throughout //
    • approaching Sigol for enthusiastic & easeful facilitation //
  • empathy groups //
    • at start of conference // BOB
      • discussing predetermined questions // LISA
      • reporting back to large group {ie. How many & which pets does your group have?,...} // LISA
    • 6 member each
    • meeting throughout conference //
    • meeting once during conference //
    • assigned groups
      • containing members from different states //
  • empathy sessions //
  • meal topic conversation tables // JANE, BOB
  • physical location (ie. cafe) //
    • hospitality suite //
    • relaxation room //
      • time slots for games, art, specific topic conversations, free visiting //
  • outsiders' involvement //
    • volunteers //
    • paid or with registration fee waved //
    • involvement of college students //
    • involvement of Bay area NVCers who aren't coming to event, but want to support it //
  • snacks for small groups, physical location... // LISA
    • funds from registration fees? //
  • larger hospitality committee // JANE, LISA
    • organized on site //
      • organizing may need to take place, limiting time
    • chosen people with strong empathy skills //
  • 2 more hour long teleconference call meetings // JANE, lisa

As also voiced by Jane and/or Meta, I {Lisa} have very much enjoyed this process, meeting my needs for connection, creativity, cocreation and shared values, and hope for more joyful community energy for this endeavor.