June 2006 Agenda

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Draft Proposed June Agenda

1500 _Greeting all_

  * Observer policy confirmation & check-in (~17 minutes)

1517 _Consent items_ (~3 minutes)

  *  This body will now be referred to as the Global Coordinating
    Council (GCC) in accordance with the GCC proposal adopted in last
    month's meeting.

Stefan: I am not comfortable with a renaming until we have meaningful representation from the geographies. Suggest we call the first GCC meeting once we have a 'proper' GCC, i.e. a rep from at least each major geography with meaningful NVC activity. Also thought it was called committee but happy with council. Suggest we remove this consent item and replace with an update on where the appointment process stands.

1520 _Items for dialogue_ (~ 85 minutes)

  * 1520 Budget report (Jori) (~10 minutes)
  * 1530 Go ahead with the face-to-face Atlanta meeting as scheduled
    (Jori) (~10 minutes)
  * 1540 Consent to Anne Bourritt being on the GCC through December
    (all) (~10 minutes)
  * 1550 Evaluation of Interim Director position, GCC/Board activities
    related to it, and goals through September (all) (What needs are
    being met & not met and what strategies to adopt through
    September, 2006?) (~25 minutes)

****See contract language at end of this message

  * 1615 Selection of person to lead Executive Director search process
    (all) (~10 minutes)
  * 1625 Board/GCC meeting agenda process proposal (Liz) (~7 minutes)
  * 1632 Selection of Board vice-president (all) (~10 minutes)

  * 1642 Update on database (John W) (include item only if time
    permits completing it before 1645)

1645 _Closing round comments_ (~15 mintues)

    Observer check-out (~10 minutes) (short comments - email longer comments to Jori Manske)
    What worked?
    What did not and what you would have liked instead?
    Board check-out (~5 minutes) (short comments - email longer comments to Jori Manske)
   What worked?
   What did not and what you would have liked instead?

OBSERVER REQUEST: We ask non-Board members to reserve any comments until the time we have set aside for Observer feedback (up to 15 minutes toward the end of the meeting) when we will have direct discussion with observers and others in attendance who have honored us with their presence. We may also include other times for feedback, as our need for that arises and when there is sufficient time to listen to and address those comments.

Contract Language (excerpt)

This contract is between Jori Manske and the Board of the Center for Nonviolent Communication "Board" for the 3-month period of January 1, 2006 through March 31, 2006, and is renewable in 3-month intervals for a maximum of a total of 10 month. The Board and Jori will conduct an evaluation together at the March Board meeting to mutually determine if the contract will be renewed until 30 June 2006. If the contract is renewed on 31 March 2006, the Board and Jori will again conduct an evaluation together at the June Board meeting to determine if the contact will be extended to 30 September 2006. During the September Board meeting the contract may be extended for another month. In the absence of an evaluation or notice at the above Board meetings, the contract will automatically be renewed. This contract will not extend beyond 31 October 2006.

Jori Manske will assume and abide by the duties and responsibilities of the Executive Director of the CNVC as stated in the CNVC Policies dated 19 June 2003 (or more current policies provided to her) and be evaluated on the living of compassion in action in the CNVC office and organization. Jori Manske will be covered by CNVC's Director and Officer Insurance during the length of this contract.

The Board will abide by the CNVC Policies dated 19 June 2003 (or more current policies provided to her). The Board will be evaluated on proceeding with developing a new leadership strategy for the roles of the CEO of CNVC within the term of this contract, to assure the viability of CNVC.

Draft June Agenda

Date/Time: Thursday, 22 June at 3pm UTC/GMT, 8am PT, 5pm CET, 4pm London, 11pm Singapore time.

Note: to find out the current Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) and Universal Time (UTC, which is the same as GMT), click on this link: Current Time (USN)

Possible Agenda Items

  • Consent Round
  1. Accceptance of board meeting agenda process proposal?
  2. Face-to-face meeting to take place in Atlanta as scheduled?
  3. Jori to remain as iterim ED to achieve specific goals by October 2006?
  4. Members of the Board are now contributors to the GCC, and monthly teleconference meetings between now and the end of 2006 will focus attention on completing the specific short term tasks attributed to the GCC in the GCC Draft Proposal (adopted by the Board as policy during the May 2006 Board meeting)?

Liz Gay says on June 8th: Right now, I'd offer my consent to the second of these without further ado. I can't speak for anyone other than myself, of course. Meanwhile, I have reservations bordering on paramount objections to the board meeting agenda process proposal. And I would enjoy a lot more clarity about a) what we might ask Jori to achieve by October 2006 and b) how we intend to explore other stratagies that could meet the same needs as appointing either an Interim or a Permanent ED in time to review Jori's position again in October.

Liz Gay says on June 11th 2006: I notice in the GCC Draft Proposal a suggestion the GCC might focus its attention on the following 'Specific short term tasks':

  • Search for and recommend to the CNVC Board the hiring of a permanent CEO for CNVC.
  • Determine the kinds of decisions the GCC will make; how the GCC will stay connected to the global NVC movement; and the relationship between the GCC and CNVC Board and Staff, creating clearly differentiated areas of responsibility that can be measured and evaluated.
  • Affirm or modify the current CNVC budget by recommendation to the Board.
  • Work to create clarity about the legal requirements and responsibilities of the CNVC board and the GCC (for example, how income and expenses are handled; how agreements between CNVC and others are handled, eg copyrights, royalties; and clarifying ownership of assets and liabilities currently held by CNVC).

As a contributor to the GCC who is not designated as a member of the Board at this time, I will enjoy hearing whether our teleconference meetings are now called 'Board meetings' or 'GCC meetings' and, if they are the latter, whether other members of the GCC are willing to offer priority to agenda items that appear to support the GCC in completing these specific tasks by, say, the end of 2006.

Liz Gay says on June 8th: The Board Meeting Agenda Process proposal suggests members of the Board/GCC might choose to prepare for meetings by contributing through this Wiki. I am unable to find the information I would like at this Wiki that would allow me to feel confident in contributing feedback around needs met/not met by certain activities however. For example, I notice a possible agenda item, New nomination(s) to the Board as GCC representative, and I, for one, would really like to know something about the people being nominated - which areas they aim to represent and for how long, how many of them there are, and whether we intend to cap participation in teleconferences/the number of voting members in the GCC at least until such time as we've gotten our own processes more effectively sorted out, etc. I will be happy to read any information that can be provided to me ahead of time. Where no information can be provided ahead of time, I am likely to ask many more clarifying questions during meeting time than I am confident others will enjoy. Also, I would prefer that whatever concrete information is available around these issues be made available via a more accessible medium than the teleconference - i.e. actually the Wiki seems to me the ideal space to post information, and an unideal space to facilitate discussion.

  • New nomination(s) to the Board as GCC representative.

Liz Gay says: Could we please get a written description of the intended difference between a GCC representative and a member of the Board - i.e. something that describes the amount of time/energy/money we are asking these people to invest in our activities?

Stefan says: For time being, board members are expected to donate their time and cover their expenses for face-to-face meetings. The suggested frequency of those per annum is under discussion. For GCC members, it will be for the GCC to figure that out once it is properly assembled, I would suggest that if the GCC wants to be the intended leaderhsip/strategy forum etc. as outlined in the proposal, that would imply at least the time investment currently made by board members, but that's just my view.

  • Update on database, wiki, blog and other technology support options.

Liz Gay says: If this is really just an update, perhaps John Wiley could post a written report here or somewhere else? If what's wanted are decisions about how to move something forwards, I'd sooner see an agenda item that states what we are being asked to make a decision about.

Stefan says: would like to see that, too

  • Update on GCC process.

Liz Gay says: Could this state whether or not we'll be developing a written description of the different roles performed by members of the Board and representatives to the GCC?

Stefan says: have not had much input into proposed changes but frankly see it as less urgent than assembling the GCC, whose actions would then also influence the board's thinking about its own policies

  • Evaluation of the role of the interim director position and Jori's work in relation to this role, for decision on renewal until Sept 30, 2006.

Liz Gay says: Evaluation of the position first, followed by evaluation of Jori's work in relation to this role? Also, didn't we say renewal until Oct, 2006, to coincide with the face-to-face meeting in Atlanta?

  • Board meeting location, frequency and review of Needs/strategies.

Liz Gay says: Move this to the October agenda? I'm guessing our situation may be very different by then, and it seems important to me to get some input from GCC reps as to how much time/money their groups are willing to contribute.

  • Election of Vice President.
    • Term: 1 year
    • Responsibilities:
  1. Track Board agreements for agenda items.
  2. Assume President's responsibilities in President's absence.

  • Update on meeting in Atlanta.

Liz Gay says: Make this a consent item - i.e. we will meet face-to-face in Atlanta as per the agreement made in New Mexico?

Stefan says: Works for me.

  • Additional Discussion, additional Agenda Items, or Observer feedback.

Liz Gay says: I'd love to hear an update on John Buck's attempts to estimate a budget to cover the implimentation of Sociocracy as this seems to me fairly key in supporting Circles forming in the network whilst also supporting John's own need for sustainability.

John Buck says on June 10th: Right now I am underwriting the cost of implementing sociocracy for NVC through training to local organizations. I soon will be adding teleclasses. I have been donating support for the CNVC board. One teleclass we are developing will focus on facilitating circle meetings. From these classes should come people who can support NVC-related circle meetings. While centralized (CNVC) funding support would be helpful in accelerating this process, the current strategy of funding and building from the bottom up means that the project will succeed only if it is supported fundamentally by the whole network. Thus, there is no "budget" per se as one would have in a centrally managed project.

Testing to see if this message will post. - John Buck

  • Board check out: what worked and didn't work?

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