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Posted by John Buck 10th June 2006

All: Here is an update on implementation of Sociocracy.

(1) Anne B and Liz G have been selected as nominees to the Global Coordinating Committee from the Francophile and Australia/SE Asia/Oceania regions, respectively. I expect to be hearing more details about Anne's election in the next day or two from Gilles Charest (sociocratic consultant from Montreal). Liz was selected by the certified trainers from that region for a term going through December. They are continuing to meet monthly by phone to establish their region on a firmer footing.

(2) Note: we need a site - perhaps the [CNVC] website or the wiki or a forum for the regions to post their meeting minutes in a manner that is accessible to all.

JW-For ease, I suggest we use this wiki for now. I've just set up an area for that on the main page.

(3) Delegates to an as-yet-not-yet-existing English-speaking North American Coordinating Council (ENACC) have been selected from NVC groups in the Oregon/Washington/BC/Idaho ("Northwest") area and from a group that grew out of the Albany Leaderful Gathering earlier this year - more or less the "Northeast" area. I expect the Georgia NVC group will select a rep shortly. I forwarded to Jori a request from Mitch Henrion (USA), Liz Churchill (USA), and Glenda Mattinson (Canada) to forward a message inviting anyone who speaks English (first language or not) in North America to send their name to Liz Churchill so that they can organize the most inclusive process currently possible for selecting a North Ammerican delegate to the GCC.

JW-The Santa Barbara Region NVC Team has set an early September meeting date to consider options including a Southern CA or Southwestern US Circle.

(4) Pieter van der Meche (sociocratic consultant from Netherlands) has been working with the German-speaking region to organize circles in preparation for selecting a delegate to the GCC - probably this fall. Per Marshall's request a project circle has been formed to coordinate his visit in 2007. Pieter is helping to incorporate this project circle into the circle structure that he has been helping to develop. One certified trainer in Germany and his wife have said that they do not think it is a good idea to select a delegate from Germany because it contributes to creating a hierarchy that they fear will start to accumulate power-over. Pieter is encouraging everyone to explore options.

(5) At a gathering upcoming this summer in Eastern Europe, the possiblity of selecting a delegate to the GCC will be discussed. They have had discussions with Pieter about support from him, but they may not be able to afford the expense of his presence.

(6) A training is planned in Scandinavia this fall that may result in selection of a delegate to the GCC.

(7) I am talking to a number of people in the NVC community about organizing a training somewhere in the British Isles. It is possible that this activity could lead to selection of a GCC representative. I intend to explore the possiblity of including English speakers from Africa in this process.

(8) I have not been contacted by anyone wishing to organize selection of a delegate to the GCC from other language/geographic areas: e.g., South/Central America, Middle East.

(9) My associates and I are developing teleclasses on sociocracy as rapidly as possible as a way to get training out the to NVC community more rapidly and less expensively. The first prototype class will start on June 20. We will make it available more widely as soon as we have verified its effectiveness.

- John Buck

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