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NVCtalk - Instant Messaging and Voice Network

What it is

Current technology offers ways to create text and voice group discussion for every kind of subject.

People can now join a certain topic discussion and every message that they send to the network, via their messenger or web interface ,will be instantly transfered to every network member.

NVCtalk - a new system which allows participants to use either text or voice to communicate using the instant messenger service they may already use (aim,msn,yahoo,skype...) , OR using the web.

We are forming this after finding value in participating in email NVC support groups and finding them valuable and enabling connections between persons, but frustrated by the lack of speed and nuance that would be available in face-to-face encounters. What we're setting up here is a supplement to both email NVC support groups and face-to-face encounters, that in some ways is closer to a face-to-face encounter without actually meeting.

This can be done at any time or at a prearranged time for that topic.

Joining - Now open

Using a messenger or web Instant Messaging Network/Email invitation

To join with your messenger:


1. Add a user to the contact list in your preferred messenger:

For AIM/Yahoo add "NVCtalk" For MSN/Live add "NVCtalk at hotmail.com" (replace "at" with @) Other messengers are available just ask.

Do the same for every topic you would like to join:

  • NVCww - NVC World Wide general nvc talk.
  • NVCpracticing - Practice NVC
  • NVCsmart - Ask and answer NVC questions.
  • NVCexchange - NVC support eachother.
  • NVCparenting - NVC Parenting.
  • NVCinbusiness - NVC in business.
  • NVCeducation - NVC education.

We are happy to support anyone who would like to start an additional group.

2. Send a message "add me" to the new users, if you don't get a response within 24 hours, send us email.

How does it work?

NVCtalk will create a text chat room for each topic. an IM bridge is created so everyone can be in the same chat room even if they are using different messaging systems.

Current status & issues

Current status

  • Network is up and running.

Approached communities

CNVC_GCC 4 April 2007 Instant_Messaging_Network/CNVC_GCC

Communicating with Compassion 5 April 2007 Jerry Koch-Gonzalez

Ways to distribute the message

Technical side

How to realize this (the mechanics of it)

  • IM market AIM 51% - MSN 27%- Yahoo 21%
    • This is a year-and-a-half old; Skype and Goggle are probably higher now

Web interface


  • http://www.freeworlddialup.com/products/?p=communicator
    • From the right column there: "For instance, if you want to hold a group IM session that includes your sister (a staunch user of MSN Messenger), your Dad (a Yahoo! Messenger devotée), and your Grandma (AOL-all-the-way for Grandma), you can now do using FWD.Communicator!"
    • It does handle Skype (if it is installed on the computer)but it seems that group chat is not avilable for skype.
    • IRC might be handled via Jabber interface.


There two kinds of multi user chats in skype

1. Public chat (which I used to create the chat)

  • Requires skype ver. 3+
  • Can be published as a link
  • You can leave and then rejoin at any time by using the link or a menu in skype.

2. group chats

  • Works with any skype version
  • Cannot be published as a link (i.e. a user needs to be added to the chat by a particpator)
  • Once you leave the chat you need to be re added by a participator in order to rejoin.

If there is an an updated version for the user OS he is prompted to update when skype is lunched.

For unix,mac updated skype ver <3

  • (This one doesn't do it:) "some companies are producing IM clients that act as a front end to the different networks. One such product is Trillian Pro, from Cerulean Studios, which allows you to connect to ICQ, AIM, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger and IRC networks through a single interface. It should be noted that these clients do not offer interoperability between the various IM networks — just a unified interface through which to access them. If you are looking for true interoperability then hub software, which can actually route messages between networks, is required. We will discuss hub software in a future article." Drew Bird 5/1/2003 http://www.intranetjournal.com/articles/200305/ij_05_01_03a.html

Resources and groups to cooperate with

Ideas on how to attract people

Ideas on content for the network

  • World wide nvc happy hour. All people on all messengers have an online gathering.
  • Chat rooms by subject.
  • Chat rooms by language.

Future plans

cnvc IT synergy

Via NVC IT Status

Miscellanies links

  • http://www.radiohandi.com/
    • Broadcast a live event or interview. With a single phone call, listeners worldwide can tune in to your broadcast with any MP3 player.
    • Create an online chat group. Your friends, club or business associates can talk to each other via conference calls, email lists or text chats.

NVCtalk facilitators

John Abbe

Markus Pallo

William Poehner