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Note: See the CNVC LT and CNVC Board sections of this wiki for the latest developments and progress reports.

3/9/07 Announcement: Researching CNVC Office Relocation from LA to ABQ

We are excited to announce that research and planning has begun for relocating the CNVC office from its current space in Los Angeles to Albuquerque, New Mexico. The final decision on this move will not be made until research is complete, but current indications are that it will go ahead as envisioned.

A summary of the factors and initial discussion regarding this move may be found in the 2/07 Board/LT Conference Minutes.

After extensive Board and LT discussion and in consultation with organizational experts the Board decided in favor of taking action. Our process is to first investigate in more depth the factors involved while simultaneously beginning dialog with current staff. We have also placed an advertisement in the Albuquerque newspaper, seeking to hire an Office Manager to assist with the research, planning and move.

A primary consideration for the Board is that any such move address the needs of staff, who have contributed so greatly to our growth and effectiveness for many years. We also aim to address the ongoing needs of CNVC, as changes begun in recent months move forward. Presuming that a final decision to go ahead with this move is reached within the next few weeks as anticipated, the entire process will be completed this Summer with no interruption of CNVC office services.

Further announcements will be made as the move progresses, to keep you informed of developments. As always, we welcome dialog with the entire CNVC network and look forward to continued growth with your help.

John Wiley
CNVC Board President

Statement of Intent

From Jim Manske

I am pleased to share that the Board and the Leadership Team are considering moving the Center to New Mexico, USA. The reasons we are considering this move include:

  • Planned future programs, IITs and other training in Albuquerque.
  • People active in CNVC administration are living in Albuquerque.
  • Cost effective operations.
  • Reduced cost of living for office staff.
  • Friendlier regulatory environment for non-profit operation.
  • Easy access to international airport.
  • Growing local NVC community that is receptive to hosting the CNVC office.
  • Volunteer community available.

To support clarity and mutual understanding, the Board and Leadership Team have selected me to do exploratory research for moving the office. I will communicate my report to the Board and LT within 30 days for review and consideration.

You can participate by sharing your ideas and resources with me to help us discover whether or not this plan is in harmony with the vision, mission and aim of CNVC.

I can be reached at:

Jim Manske
CNVC GCC Co-Coordinator