Board Minutes - December 2006 Meeting

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Attendance: Marshall & Valentine Rosenberg (co-chair), John Wiley (President), Jori Manske (ED) Absent: Stefan Wisbauer (Secretary), Katherine Hahn- Singer (Treasurer) due to travel.

Observers: Danielle Beenders minute taker (CA, USA), John Buck (MA), Jim Manske (Atlanta, GA, USA), William Poehner (Venice, CA, USA), Mary Moore (TN, USA), Elaine Geren (NJ, USA)

Next meeting: January 10, 5AM Seoul. 8PM GMT (London), 2PM EST (New York), 11AM PST (Los Angeles).

DECISION: Regular Board meeting time is changed to 5AM Seoul, 8PM GMT (London), 2PM EST (New York), 11AM PST (Los Angeles). (Board meetings are scheduled for the first 2 digit Wednesday of the month.)

DECISION: William Poehner was sociocractically chosen by the Information Technology Committee (ITC) and the Board to join the LT as the functional leader of the ITC for 6 months until June 2007.

Members of the LT and the Board are asked to review the job descriptions/ responsibilities of the leadership roles on the wiki and edit them in preparation for the next LT meeting. They are available at:

Agenda items for next LT meeting:

  • LT positions responsibilities and payment (Valentina).

Check out:
Jim: happy to hang out. Very pleased to have William on the team.

Danielle: different to be in the observer role again. Proud of my husband and excited about what he be able to bring to the team.

Elaine: inspired, grateful, how you work together warmth, focus and humor and still got stuff done.

William: Scared around work ahead. Excited by the ideas I have that I like to offer and the possibility of growth.

Mary: Excited for William. Happy that sociocracy was used.

Valentina: relief, grateful for my confusion I got clarity, happy I got connected to myself quickly. We working on this since October now we have something concrete. I look forward to our movement. I appreciate Wililam’s patience for the process. I got confirmation [with the choice] when he consented.

Jori: delighted that we are moving forward on something; it is reassuring. Appreciate the ground work done by the IT group, got a quick selection here. I appreciate John for playing devil advocate. I felt more connected. I feel blessed to work with you all. Thank you for your contributions.

Marshall: grateful for John’s work.

John: humbled to be in the presence of people I love and respect so much. Feel such warmth for all of you for your contributions, and you contributing to peace in the world. Excited about the outcome of our selection process, because I believe William is an excellent choice. Sad the meeting is over.