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The mechanics of approaching and registering people

Most people will be approached via email Instant Messaging Network/Email of invention

ideal world vs. reality

In the ideal world for the network:

  • Any member would use his preferred IM which will be bridged to any other IM.
  • Shared group - when adding a new member to the group the group is updated for all members.
  • Every IM would have a group of switchable database of nvcIM network members.
  • Text chats/voice chats would have unlimited number of people which can use any IM.

In reality:

  • Some IM are bridged
    • Yahoo-Live messenger (MSN)
    • ICQ-AOL
    • TODO: check if multiprotocol instant messaging applications can bridge network for group chats.
      • Trillian
        • there is group chat but you can't select a few people and add them to the chat
  • Shared group
    • only with skype (starting from 2.5)
  • Search able group members
    • only with skype by changing the username and then searching within it.
  • Text/voice chats
    • Skype 100 people
    • to fill in others