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1. Make clear what items are optional and how they are used.

Subject: Welcome to the nvcIM network

The purpose of nvcIM network is to create a NVC Instant Messaging network.

This is done by:

A. A list of on NVC IM for each type of messenger.

B. Using skype as a common messenger.

A. Please answer the following questions:

1. Main messenger other then skype (MSN/Yahoo/AIM/gtalk/ICQ/Internet Relay Chat...)?

2. Your ID with that messenger?

3. First name?

4. Last name?

4. Country?

5. State/Province?

6. City?

7. Year of starting NVC?

8. Do you offer NVC training?

9. Are you a certified trainer?

10. Are you a certification candidate?

11. Please add "nvcIMadmin@(this is scrambled to avoid spam).com" to your contact list (applicable for MSN/Yahoo/gtalk/ICQ)

B. To join the skype group

1. If you currently have skype, which version do you have? (you can see the version at help-about in skype)

2. if you don't have skype, please install from

3. What is your skype name?

Please add "nvcIMadmin" to your skype contact list and you will get a new group in skype which will have all of NVC members with their details.

If you have any questions or need help filling this, I'll be happy to help.

Warmly, Noam - Moderator nvcIM