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Exchanges space

Travel and Accommodation Information

Getting to “L’Espace des Possibles”
Accommodation and Food
Beginning and End of the Festival
Items you can rent or buy
Some things to bring with you
Working Meditation

About “L’Espace des Possibles”

This year the festival will be hosted in a beautiful, hilly and vast space...


Info/Questions about the “European NVC Summer Festival”: nvcfestival@gmail.com
Info/Questions about l“Espace De Possible”, contact Corinne:
Please fill up this form and send to: admin-sfrl@orange.fr
This is an “open office” document, if you can’t open it, just change it to .doc instead of as it is in .odt. If you encounter any more problems, please contact us by- nvcfestival@gmail.com


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Getting to “L’Espace des Possibles”

By plane

Nearest airport - La Rochelle

For info about cheap flights go to:


For connecting trains from La Rochelle to Royan - see below

Bordeaux is the other airport you could use

For info about cheap flights, go to:


For connecting trains from Bordeaux to Royan - see below

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By train

The nearest station to the festival site is Royan

There are direct trains from La Rochelle and Bordeaux

From countries other than France, book tickets at:


Catch a bus from Royan station - see below

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By bus from Royan railway station

Catch bus 25 (Royan - Meschers) from Royan station to l’Arnèche - the bus stop in front of the site

The journey takes 20 minutes

Caution, no bus the july, 4 and 11.

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by road

Head for - Entre mer et foret, 8 Boulevard de Suzac, 17132 Meschers, France

You can check mappy or google maps for your exact route

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By taxi

Probably, in train station, airport or by phone (Merschers-sur-Gironde taxi):

  • Allo Chris Taxi - 00 33 6 26 36 01 72 or 00 33 5 46 02 77 46
  • Alliance Taxi - 00 33 6 87 11 32 98
  • Laurioux Fabrice - Tel : 00 33 5 46 39 48 74 or 00 33 9 63 47 99 24
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By carpooling or walking bus

Exchanges space

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Accommodation and Food


Prices include accommodation and food

Please note - on arrival, each participant will be asked to pay an extra charge of around

€5 –10 (not yet finalised) to cover the costs of insurance and materials

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Rooms ‘Castor and Pollux’ for two people

Now, there isn't Rooms 'Castor and Pollux'.

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Mobile homes Standard 4 people, plus 2 on a fold down bed

Now, there isn't Mobile home Standard.

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Rent a Tent (tent only) - provided by “L’Espace des Possibles”

For 7 nights, per person : €278

For pictures see:


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Camping (with own tent)

for 7 nights, per person : €268

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Prices for Children

For 7 nights, per child

- Less then 4 years old : - €84

- 4-13 years old

  • in rented tents - €124
  • in private tents - €114

- over 13  : same as adult

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Meals are all vegetarian

Meals without gluten or dairy milk products can be ordered

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Beginning and End of the Festival

Sat 3 July - the day before the start of the festival

You can arrive this Saturday if you wish

The all in charge for Saturday night will be (all prices include dinner):

  • Room ‘Castor et Pollux’ : €31
  • Mobile home : €30
  • Camping : €23
Sun 4 July - festival begins

14.00  : Start of reception and registration of participants

18.00 to 19.00 : Dinner

19.30 to 22.00 : Introductory session to the festival.

Sun 11 July - closing of festival

12.30  : Closing session

12.30 - 13.30 : Lunch and departure

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Items you can rent or buy

Renting a blanket : €6 - for the entire week

Renting a bed sheet : €4 - for the entire week

Renting an air-bed: €6 - for the entire week

Buying a towel : €9

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Some things to bring with you

Expected temperatures at this time of the year are 30 - 35°C

Don’t forget to bring suncream (particularly the Scandinavians J), swimsuit, and anti-mosquito cream. Bring warm clothes and rain gear – you never know!

Please bring a torch - there's not much light in the camp at night!

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Cancellation of any registration must be confirmed in writing

Refunds are possible only according to the following conditions :

- In case of force majeure (such as serious illness or accident, car theft, participant’s death or death of a member of their family, redundancy)

All monies paid are reimbursed to the participant, less a €30 administration fee; subject to the presentation of valid evidence that such facts were unknown at the time of registration.

- In case of cancellation without due cause and less than 30 days before the booked day of arrival, no money will be refunded. The whole amount will be retained by “L’Espace des Possibles”

- In case of cancellation by “L’Espace des Possibles”, the participant will have monies already paid reimbursed

- In case of late arrival, the booking will be cancelled 48 hours after the due arrival; unless the participant gives written convincing reasons within this 48-hour period

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Working Meditation

We ask each participant to contribute a total of 4 hours of working meditation during the week - to help with community tasks such as cleaning, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, washing dishes, and helping with children

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There will be a special area for children, with organized activities every day. Children under 5 must be accompanied by an adult.

There is a pond on site - please keep a close eye on the children

The beach is nearby - please keep watch on children especially when they are swimming. The safety regulations require one parent or adult for every three children, and you’re asked to provide them with good security by remaining vigilant.

We’re sure you will do, and please, everyone watch out for the comfort and security of all the children. And for each other as well of course!

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