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About “L’Espace des Possibles”

This year the festival will be hosted in a beautiful, hilly and vast space...


Info/Questions about the “European NVC Summer Festival”: nvcfestival@gmail.com
Info/Questions about l“Espace De Possible”, contact Corinne:
Please fill up this form and send to: admin-sfrl@orange.fr
This is an “open office” document, if you can’t open it, just change it to .doc instead of as it is in .odt. If you encounter any more problems, please contact us by- nvcfestival@gmail.com


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About “L’Espace des Possibles”

This year the festival will be hosted in a beautiful, hilly and vast space located only 100m from the Atlantic Ocean - The “Vergnes Beach” famous for the beauty of its white cliffs, where the warm weather allows for evening strolls and refreshing dips into the sea.

Many rooms, a cybercafé, swimming pool, tennis court, a jacuzzi, sauna, hot water swimming pool for relaxation and a weights room are at your disposal.

You can choose between different kinds of accommodations : -rooms in the chalets (4 persons) -Mobile homes (6 persons), priority given to families or groups of friends -Camping and tents (with the possibility of renting tents on the premises)

During summer “L’Espace des Possibles” is a holiday resort which welcomes the activities of the Association “Jardiner ses Possibles” orientated towards “personal development” - general individual well-being, as well as social growth.

Above all it’s a place of welcome, innovation, self-fulfilment, well-being, social linking, creativity and responsibility.

“L’espace des Possibles” was created in 1977 by a group of pioneers enthusiastic about the different techniques taught by humanist psychology. So was born a dynamic in which more than 20.000 people have participating to date.

The restaurant is cooking a healthy and affordable food. All menus are vegetarian and you can order meals without milk and gluten.

Photos of “espace de possible you can watch on: http://www.jardiner-ses-possibles.org

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