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Louise Romain (founder of the Peace Factory) is a personal, professional, and organisational development trainer and consultant. She established her own consulting business in the UK in 1982, moving to France in 1993. NVC was a logical step to develop her interest in communication, and from 2005 – 2007, she served as an Assistant in eight IITs with Marshall Rosenberg, founder of this process.

She became a trainer certified with the Centre for Nonviolent Communication in 2007, since which time she has led public courses and retreats, is a co-founder of NVC Education Europe and an active member of NVC Education France. Louise mentors NVC practitioners preparing for CNVC certification, combining her experience and understanding of business and marketing dynamics with healing and transformative work to support individuals wanting to make their dreams a reality. She is also a qualified physiotherapist.

Humoristic Version Hello, I been asked to write a bio on Louise Romain. Not easy. Particularly as it’s me and I don’t want to disappoint myself… Where do I start? Well, I can certainly tell you my children adore what I do. But perhaps that won’t convince you because they’re rather biaised. Ah, I could tell you that to become a trainer certified with CNVC, I did all my training with Marshall Rosenberg, about 80 days in all. I decided to go “to the source” as they say. And most people notice a resemblance in the way I share NVC, I just hope it’s not the hairy eyebrows and shape of his tummy I caught… I can also tell you that I don’t spend much time preparing my presentations, because I’m confident enough to go with the “life” in the room, which was a little bit scary at first but then ì realised that people learn lots and so do I, and it’s much more fun, and I have tons of great memories… NVC training courses brighten my life: in France, often in Montolieu, but also in Greece, Senegal, in Bremen (Germany) and Tirimisoa in Romania, all of which make me the least known star of Internet. Just because I get such a kick out of what I do doesn’t mean to say I’m famous (yet). I must also tell you that in 2010, a company asked me to run a course for a group of people which I carried out and rediscovered the pleasure of being with them, on the inside, at least nearly… This experience also rekindled my desire to offer courses that aren’t quite comic but certainly fun-filled, or creative or for the best of both worlds, both at the same time. So I decided to turn over a new page, challenge myself to work with like-minded colleagues, persuaded that I am the personality which more people will speak of in the NVC world this year, unless of course the international center decides to launch more courses at the same time as me. A new course, new participants and a new team for a coloured and more personal training, “remembering” texts always as touching and addictive. Fresh from the first European Intensive Course which was held in August 2012, my vision is bright and motivates me. Onward! And if you still have any doubts in coming to see me, to speak to me, to invite me to your place, please bear in mind that I’m one of the most well-mannered trainers of my generation and, if you’re still a little puzzled, that I’m committed to supporting teachers in Europe and grassroots people in Africa and Thailand who need support to become autonomous. And that, that makes for reflection…