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Hi, I created this subject on nvc wiki as an alternative to Yahoo's group on the same subject. I find this new tool inspirated by successful wikipedia, useful for a new style of communication - NVC. I would love to see everyone involved in new ways to communicate, experience and co-create in this new space.--Pierre-Marie 15:36, 16 June 2006 (CEST)

Hi, Pierre-Marie! I am Merike from Estonia and I am curious about NVC in Business. Specially on three reasons:

1) I have launched my own NVC company this spring and wish to build it up according to my values and wordview;

2) I am curious about "empathic leadership" and have been proposed by business books publisher in Estonia to write a book about it! SO I would enjoy any contributions to brainstorm around what might be on this book latest by 6th August 2007;

3) I see my friends being in "business" for quite some time wrestling with finding new ways to create more satisfying life for them and their emploees - so I wish to contribute to their lives!

Merike 13:31 (GMT +3) 28 June 2007

Hi, Merike,

I am glad to read your message on this wiki.

I might not be the right person to feed a brain storm on your book as my involment in business is low. I had very little responses when I requested sharings on nvc and business as well as any other subject like education .... I know there is a lot of ressources in the network but I did not find a way to make people see the value of sharing their project, experience and knowledge.

It would be great and powerfull !

The best way to find ressources in the netwotk, I think, would be to gather people on a project. Maybe your book could be the project.

I see business environnement aimed by action, efficiancy and quick results; needing confidence that quality of relation and connection is effective in a usable short time.

Nvc or empathy words stimulates fears.

I like sociocraty input because I sense it to be easier to step in business with a new approach in harmony with nvc values. Even if I am very much looking for efficiency in organisations (like our network ;O)), I have difficulties to offer trainings dedicated to some immediate result without considering a difficult path to open on hidden frustrations and violence. Considering all this, I would love to see a book demonstrate the efficiency of new approach as nvc and sociocraty could offer. I think lot of testimonies would be very effective on people's will to consider an alternative.

I hope my message answers somehow to your request.

Would you tell me how it is for you and keep me informed of the progress in your project ?

Will you be at the summer festival this summer ?

Warmly. --Pierre-Marie 14:16, 28 June 2007 (CEST)