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Languages: Are the 4 languages to start with for user interface only, or also selectable for content ?

So the posted content to nodes will have a language too ?

JW-I like how you set up the test site so that anyone could translate content. I'd like to see that on the permanent site, along with the interface selection.

Membership/Permissions/Access: For my clarity it would be fine if somebody could create a relation between roles and functions which we like to have. And the access level for the given functions.

I have read "User access to only that information and processes that they have permissions for. We are visualizing a variety of groups within the website, and each group would have public and private data of its own. In addition, there will be general public information to which everyone has access."

Are we able to specify the type of content (public/private date) more concrete, according to membership/groups and in relation to their use cases ?

This could be also helpful for viewing profiles, who is allowed to see what kind of data (field by field) ? Who is allowed to change which fields ?

My intention is to get more clarity and probably make it more efficient to get in contact with an consultant.

It would be fine to discuss questions about how to proceed and handle working on documents together on todays phone call to get more clarity. I think it could be similar situation if we receive Jakes document too, so it would be fine for me to know how to handle this.


1. under "Contacts", it is written: "The trainers want a field in their contact information for “other disciplines.” They want to be able to “find” people using those disciplines. For example, find certified trainers who are also trained in Focusing. How could this work?"

I have not heard his request and it is in direct conflict with part of the trainer agreement which requests that trainers refrain from mixing NVC with information from other sources to maintain the integrity of NVC. The request I am familiar with and I would like is that we have a field that includes areas of experience in applying NVC, such as parenting, prisons, schools, social change, business, restorative justice, indigenous populations, etc.

2. I also have some hesitancy in adding sociocracy trainers under memberships, as I would like clarity about our identity as an organization as focused on NVC.