September 2006 GCC Meeting Minutes

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In Attendance: John Wiley (President, facilitator), Jori Manske (ED), , Stefan Wisbauer (Vice-President/Secretary), Katherine Singer(Treasurer), Valentina Rosenberg, Godfrey Spencer, Danielle Beenders (minute taker and CNVC staff rep), Liz Gay (S&E Asia/Oceania rep), Jeff Brown (ENACC Rep). Marshall Rosenberg (Consultant), John Buck (Consultant)

Observers: Meta Hough (Oregon, US) Bob Metz (California US), Lisa Goldish (Minnesota, US) Mitch Hendrion (Vermont, US), 5 people at the conference in Australia: Robin P, Linda Rysenbry, Susan M., Dorset Campbell-Ross, Frank B.

1. Acceptance of previous minutes APPROVED

2. Agenda items APPROVED

3. Timing of next phone meeting in October (before the in person meeting in Atlanta on October 22, 2006) to be announced. Note: subsequently set for October 12th.

4. Update on Transformation of Marshall's relationship with CNVC:

  • Marshall's request: Tell me how I can meet your needs to fulfill the mission.

5. Update on Jori Manske Contract Negotiation:

  • Proposal to be presented at the in-person meeting in Atlanta.

6. Atlanta Agenda Planning:

  • Decision: All agenda items for the physical meeting will be submitted for review by the October conference call meeting.
  • We will work on the wiki for clarity of suggested elements for a well-formed proposal.

7. New Member from Eastern European:

  • Decision: GCC accepts Monica as the liaison to the Eastern European Circle and is willing to accept her as a representative (term to be defined) if the Eastern European Circle chooses her.

8. Update on Leadership Working Group:

  • Stefan would like to start biweekly meetings around the topic and is asking for GCC members who would like to join in.

9. Review of President of GCC:

  • Expressions of celebration and mourning shared during call. Many expression of gratitude for John Wiley’s contributions and spirit.

10. Endorsement Policy:

  • A group is formed to work on this topic. It is open to further contributors.

11. Closing round: Obervers:

  • Lisa: frustrated about the length of the last decision. Most of it could have been put off.
  • Linda: frustrated/ grateful for energy and focus. Thank you.
  • Frank: same

GCC, consultants and Monica:

  • Valentina: Nice to hear you all. Have a wonderful day.
  • Stefan: this was a rich journey. We got a lot done. I enjoyed it. I am happy we got Monica in even though we spent a while wording the welcome decision.
  • John W.: thank you Stefan for getting Monica on the call. Appreciate everybody's intent to stay in the NVC consciousness. I feel warmth in my heart.
  • Katherine: I am proud to still be awake. I am sad it was Godfrey's last meeting we did not get a change to say goodbye.
  • Liz: I have sadness about not being able to acknowledge Godfrey's contributions. I am mourning that my agenda point was not address. I look forward to talking to John Wiley about it more later.
  • Jeff: I am really pleased that we got Monica on the call. I am irritated about the length of the call. I am happy about the order of the meeting. Thank you, John Wiley for your facilitation.
  • Danielle: Grateful to Godfrey. Sad that the last proposal writing took long.
  • Monica: I feel grateful for the connection. I appreciate Stefan's efforts to get me on the call. I am amazed about how comfortable I feel with all of you even though I do not know you.

John Buck: I am hopeful Monica can join us in Atlanta. John Wiley handled the challenges very well.

  • Jori: thanks for the Facilitation. I am happy to have Monica on the call. I am thankful to John Wiley for trying to make a proposal that would work for all. I feel anxiety when I think of not having much time. I notice how my responses get short.
  • Godfrey: left the meeting before the closing round.

The GCC would like to thank Godfrey for all his input and contributions to the CNVC board and later the GCC, and to the NVC network.

Respectfully submitted, Stefan Wisbauer, Secretary