Protective use of force vs. Punitive use of force

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Protective vs. punitive use of force (difference is in intention) protective force's intention protects from injuries or accidents or misuse of someone's rights and or loss of life. Punitive use of force has an intention to change other person thru punishment or reward, to teach how they "should" (see: Amtssprache) do.


There are two ways to differentiate between protective use of force and punitive force. What is the thinking?

If there is any thinking involving an enemy, then it’s punitive. The same if the intent is for the other person to suffer.

If the intention is only to protect my own need, then it’s justified. That’s the only time force is justified. I must have no desire to make the other person suffer.

- Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D. 'Transcript of 2-day Advanced Intensive'