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To be completed.

Common rules

The usual wiki rules.


“Project constitution” ?

The expression Project constitution is a reference to the book Common Cause: Information Between Commons and Property.

Extract (en) (page 8 of the PDF file):

« Just as in most free cooperative projects dealing with information, Wikipedia has many mechanisms for supporting the cooperation, making it easier to progress

towards shared aims: discussion lists between contributors, conflict resolution mechanisms, history management, linguistic coordination metaprojects, satellite projects on synonyms, quotes, and last but not

least what Clay Shirky terms the «project constitution», the charter expressing is aims and common rules. »

Other NVC wiki's ”Project constitution”

For the first french NVCwiki the project was :

« Here, everyone who's discovered tresors about Nonviolent Communication is invited to share it. »

with the usual common rules used on Wikipedia.