Notes from Spreading NVC meeting Sept 22, 2005

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NOTES - Spreading NVC Meeting- Thur, Sept 22, 2005 7-8:30pm At Sparrow's New House

I. Remembering- silent connection

II. Check In Present: Bev, Meta, Sharon, Sparrow and Suzi We shared our feelings, needs (and perhaps a request..) with each other Also, spoke to : What needs of ours would be met/not met by using the proposed agenda. We agreed to use it, with the addition of a time-frame for each topic, including ½ hour for the last topic of Mission Statement.

III. Request for Note Taker Sparrow volunteered to take notes, and to give them to Sharon to email to the group.

IV. Who is in this Group? Sparrow read the results of her phoning potential participants in this group. A. Five people said they were coming to this meeting and they did. B. Those who have an interest in participating, but did not attend this time include: 1) Lisa Marie (can't attend on Thursdays) 2) Len 3) Phyllis 4) Shirley 5) Sophia 6) Mark L C. Those who are not currently interested in participating, but possibly in future: 1) Charlie 2) Laura D. Those I was not able to get in contact with, but may be interested in future: 1) Karen 2) Wesley 3) Michael 4) Sharry

V. Report from ORNCC Board of Directors Meeting last Sunday- >From Meta VI. ORNCC- upcoming Elections for Board of Directors and new members for Governing Council. (who elect Board each year) Nominations extended to Oct. 2, 2005.

VII. Current local events, workshops, Intros, practice groups- How can we support them? Meta's email newsletter lists many of them. We each told of any that we could think of. Some of the ones we thought of were: 1) Thur.-mornings- Fluency 9-mo Practice Group (closed)-Eugene 2) 1st, 3rd and 5th Thur of the month- afternoons-Practice Group (closed)-Eugene 3) 2nd Thur of the month- afternoons-Practice Group- Roseburg 4) 4th Thur of the month - afternoons- Practice Group -Eugene 5) 1st and 3rd Thur of the month- evenings- Practice Group- McNail-Riley House 5) Sundays- (some each month- including 4 in October)- Practice Group- Unity Church 6) Thurs- evenings- Practice Group- Lisa Marie's

VIII. Upcoming local events, workshops, Intros, practice Groups- How can we support them? 1) 8 week Practice Group- days, times yet to be determined- Bev and Suzi 2) Holley's workshop in Florence- end of Oct. 3) Support-in-connection ("mediation") group- (currently closed) 4) Sharon (via eugene@orncc) receives some requests for local NVC "presenters" - if you are willing to do presentations, please contact Sharon 5) Marshall will not be coming to Eugene in 2006 (as we had requested) 6) Do we want to request that Marshall comes to Eugene in 2007 ?

IX. Marshall in Portland: Who is going? How can we support the event? Put up more posters, tell people who know in Portland, carpooling List in Eugene Weekly's Calendar of events- Bev and Sparrow volunteered to do this List in Register Guard - (Church events and possibly other places)- Bev and Sparrow volunteered to do this

X. Mission Statement A. Meta had emailed some examples of Mission Statements (ORNCC, Bay Area NVC etc.) Some of us had read the email. B. Our "vision" can be incorporated in to our "mission" C. We each shared what needs of ours are met by NVC They included: Compassion, Safety Intimacy Companionship Authenticity Connection- with self, others, "the Divine" Understanding Community Beauty Harmony Clarity Peace of Mind

D. It was requested that those of us that are willing to write up an example of how we might envision the Mission Statement of our group. (including, but not limited to what our own personal "mission" of participating in this group might be). We will bring those "drafts" to share at our next meeting. Sparrow requested if you write something up for us to consider, that you make extra copies to share with those at the next meeting. She volunteered to estimate the number of people that will be attending the meeting - a couple days before it happens.

XI. Next Meeting will be Thur, Oct. 27, 2005 Location to be announced (possibly Sharon's) Time to be announced. Agenda to include: Old Business (Mission Statement, review of Marshall's visit to Portland, local events- current and upcoming.)

(My recollection is that the Oct 27 meeting, and the Dec 8 meeting, were cancelled due to lack of energy and interest, and the next meeting was in March 23, 2006.)