Notes from Spreading NVC meeting March 23, 2006

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Minutes of March 23, 2006 Spreading NVC meeting

Present: Mark R, Meta, Sharon, Sparrow

Upcoming NVC workshop in Eugene:

5/13 and 14 - Alan Seid in Eugene with a training geared for those with some knowledge and practical experience of NVC. Alan is a certified NVC trainer who brings a lively and engaging style to his trainings, combining humor, exercises for practice, a deep understanding of the theory behind the process, and a keen sensitivity to individual and group needs. MINIMUM NUMBER OF PAYING PARTICIPANTS MUST HAVE COMMITTED TO WORKSHOP BY 4/26/2006 to make this workshop happen. If you have an interest in attending, please contact Sharon as soon as possible.

Mark suggests doing an intro training before Alan Seid's Eugene workshop.

New projects:

  • Local Compassionate Communication promotional brochure explaining what is NVC; how to subscribe to local email newsletter; CNVC website info; ORNCC info. Sparrow/Wendy is leading this and would like assistance with designing/creating brochure to meet needs for inclusion, support, and teamwork.

Other suggested possibilities:

Call in empathy radio show. Miki Kashtan has done this in the past in the Bay Area. (Google "KPFA Archives" and look for 3/19/04 The Front Porch 12:00 Noon show to hear an example.) Mark suggests we could do a similar show here.

Self-organizing website

NVC school


Connect with existing groups to offer NVC classes.

David at Dept. of Peace wants to do a benefit NVC training for the Dept.of Peace

NEXT MEETING of Eugene Spreading NVC Group: Thursday, April 27, 2006 at 6:30 PM at Sparrow's house