Notes from Spreading NVC meeting June 8, 2006

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At our meeting June 8, 2006, we brainstormed what kind of workshop people are excited about. Below are notes from some of the responses, to serve as a seed. I left out the names for reasons of privacy. Please feel free to add to your paragraph, or correct it, and add your name if you want to. Or add a new paragraph. (To add something to this page, click the "edit" tab above, type what you want to on the page that appears, then click the "save page" button at the bottom of that page.)

For people with NVC experience, going deeper. A certified trainer (hoping for more aliveness, like when Julie Greene and Jorge Rubio were here, lots of in-the-moment empathy and reflection of feelings and needs, and experiential exercises).

Alive and real, working with what’s alive in the room, responsive to the group (not a canned program). Let’s add some of the processes used in Heart of Now, like having lots of assistants; touch explicit with boundaries, inc. support from assistants with a hand on the back, and a signal anytime you’d like a backrub; more. Overwhelmed with compassion. Lots of encouragement for people to be real and let out jackals and get to the beauty behind it. An element of social change.

Building local community, building a depth of skill.

Here and now and live issues. Like the idea of assistants, learning and practicing. Doesn’t care so much if anyone is certified. Really getting to know each other better, build a more solid community here, bring up our skills by working with each other. Intermediate. Holley Humphrey could do it. Enjoyed the community support for Lisa Marie's workshop. More people attended that I ever would have guessed. Get input on marketing methods she used. Would like to provide support to local folks getting experience leading workshops to build a solid base ready to meet the growing local interest.

Push my growing edges, be challenged and stimulated. Real personal, so I can make mistakes and learn. Intermediate. Conflict, community, sustainability of community despite conflict. Creating more intimacy, developing NVC skills around the disconnect that can happen when there’s conflict in intimacy.

Include silent meditation, music. Combine levels, intermediate and beginners, maybe not the same day. Likes assistants, and preparation to assist. Spaciousness both at the event and in the preparation, lots of lead time for meetings like this, so there’s time to process what comes up. Want to contribute to folks who are unfamiliar with NVC. Want a leader with a higher skill level. Collaborate with ORNCC, Heart of Now, Co-Mediators’ group.