Notes from Spreading NVC meeting April 27, 2006

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Present: Meta, Sharon and Sparrow

1. Report on status of Alan Seid workshop - cancelled due to low enrollment There were approximately 12 folks signed up and the minimum was 30.

2. Report on status of Empathy Call-in Radio Show- Mark has been “putting out feelers” and Michael may be interested in the project, as well.

3. Planning an NVC Workshop/Training in Eugene- Sharon proposed having Fall 2006 as a goal. Meta and Sparrow also interested in supporting the project. Some needs we imagine might be met: community building, ease (having a local event), modeling and inspiration. Folks gave Sharon feedback about needs met by having separate beginner and intermediate workshops.

4. Eugene Hotel (Retirement home) is interested in a training for their staff and residents. Sharon is working with them.

5.Meta had 5 announcements: Sociocracy workshop in Seattle May 5-6; and 4 other announcements that are in our newsletter.

6. Eugene NVC Brochure- Sparrow is still very interested in facilitating putting one together. No one else has shown interest yet. It would be something to hand out at “get-togethers“such as Peace Rallies, Country Fair, Eugene Celebration etc.

7. Sociocracy Visioning Exercise- Meta gave a short intro. We scheduled this for part of our next meeting, if it fits in with workshop planning.

NEXT MEETING WILL BE WED, MAY 17 AT 6:30 PM AT SPARROW’S , and focus on fall workshop planning.