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I have a dream of NVC in action - connecting all people on this planet in an easy way

  • To share information
  • To share pain and joy
  • To help each other
  • To support each other
  • To build communities
  • To make friends
  • And we have a chance, a real chance.

I am confident that when we can let go our attachment to convincing one another of our points of view, listen empathetically to one another, and keep listening until we hear each other deeply, then something truly rich and miraculous unfolds - and we capture the heart of what I most value about living NVC.

I have a dream that we can easily and effortlessly connect the people of this planet in a way that will let this keep happening and that in so doing we can realize the power of NVC in action.

I’m wondering if we can be willing to take the time for all of us to hear one another before deciding what it is we’re going to do next.

Linnaea Marvell

I wrote up my ideas of what might happen and you can read them here. http://www.nvclive.net/overview/NVCWorldProjectOverview.pdf --Lmarvell 02:40, 19 February 2006 (CET)

I have been moved and encouraged as many individuals have written or called me to express their desire for this project to go forward. I am choosing to continue with the development work I started because it pleases me to add meaning to my life in this way. I would enjoy it if the network of individuals throughout the world who practice NVC would consider this project their own. If you want something to occur for us, then my request is that you do whatever you're able to help us make it so. You can see the work being done now at http://www.nvclive.net . I would like everyone to be included in what we do and it would meet my needs for hearing your voices if you would share anything that might be alive in you as you read this. Here is a good place to do that. --Lmarvell 16:38, 6 March 2006 (CET)


Drawing on a process called Dynamic Facilitation, [1], I imagine we might ask a question like "What can we do individually or collectively to grow this dream or one like it into a reality?" Then we each respond and we keep responding to one another and to whatever new questions arise, sorting our responses into one or more of the following sections.

Challenges - Inquiries - Problem Statements

This might be statements about the current situation, problems or challenges that are coming up in the present or anticipated future problems.

Decision making... how will that work? I'm scared when I think we might talk on forever and never do anything. I really like action, so how are we going to know when to take it?

Solutions - Possibilities - Options

Here is the place for solutions. These could be solutions to an already expressed problem or concern or simply solutions that arise from the overall question.


So this is the place to express concerns. Are they different than challenges or problems. I think they might be smaller in scope and impact: you choose.

Information - Perspectives - Data

If you know something and you want to be sure others do to, put it here.