NVC USA Meeting 5 Feb 2006

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Compassion In Action Planning

Sunday, Feb 5, 2006 from 4-5:30pm Pacific time


  • Mary Mackenzie - Facilitator
  • John Abbe
  • Kit Miller
  • Lisa in Minn
  • Margarita Mac and Tony
  • Meta Hough
  • Rick Smith
  • Wade in Wisconsin

Next Meetings

  • Mar 18, noon PST
  • Apr 2, 4PM

Roles of people in planning group

The original idea was to have 2 circles as a way to support many ways for people to play.

  • Inner - committed to working in the planning group
  • Outer - experimental participation

Wiki training

  • Lisa work with John in coming up with a time
  • Mail out to the Yahoogroups list

There was some discussion about using words vs no words in the logo, and if using words, what words. Also comments about use of color to support something which copies well to black and white and works with different sizes.

Action item: Kit, Lisa, Mary and Louis email to figure out a time

When there is something to consider, post image to yahoogroups.


Action item: Rick to put together with Kit how this group is currently operating sociocratically and how it might.


The Compassion In Action Invitation is on the wiki now. Please either modify it, or add comment at end.

Mary will have something mailed out to yahoogroups by the 17th. Please get comments in by the 17th.

Use of invitation: invite people by hand until Mar 1, then this invitation will get sent out to lists and posted on websites.

  • Trainers mailing list
  • CNVC home page - Kit talk to Kay
  • John willing to email webmasters of various NVC sites to put up a link


Encourage people, especially non local, or conservative to attend.

Outreach buddy - what does is an outreach buddy?

  • In John's case, figure it out together; get support to keep it going


Planning team please register. Encourage early registration during outreach. Helps with cash flow, starts momentum.

Summary of Action items

  • Kit talk to Kay at CNVC
  • Kit, Lisa, Mary and Louis talk about logo
  • Planning people that are coming - please eregister
  • Rick - post on wiki on getting started using the wiki