NVC USA Meeting 27 Nov 2005

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Please do not edit this page, it's an archive of meeting notes for the Compassion In Action conference. Do try to incorporate everything from it into the relevant pages of Compassion In Action Planning pages.

4-5:30pm Pacific time


conference related:

  • decision re some potential titles for workshops (see Compassion In Action Sample Sessions
  • some names of people w/ brief bios
  • decision re outreach nationally - who's contacting who
  • update re outreach for more people on this committee
  • discuss strategy of local hospitality team and funding for people who need support
  • discuss strategy of building community at the event
  • Playback Theater at the conference

other initiatives for the project (not conference-related)

Outreach - who's contacting who

  • John Abbe - Alaska, one friend in Mississippi
  • Margarita - North and South Dakota, Wisconsin, Minnesota
  • Jane - a few states in the Northeast: NY, NJ, Mass., Conn.
  • Rick - Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois
  • Judi - Maine, Georgia

Outreach - how?

See Compassion In Action Invitation (Anyone want to work on a fuller draft? No one as yet. If anyone does come up with some good text please add it there.)

[rick added: from my notes on what Kit suggested on somethings we might include...]

For outreach phone calls, wanting to let people know that this project/conference exists and to share our own excitement about it. Hopes:

  • to develop support for new groups
  • connect with each other
  • foster learning
  • possibly invite them to join phone conferences if they seem excited about the work
  • [Include the brainstormed items as possibilities]

Feel free to invite people to join this group on our next call.

Finalize the name (see Naming The NVC USA Conference)

Short name -

From last call: Turning to Compassion

New possibilities: Compassion to/for Action

After some tinkering we ended up with: Compassion In Action

Tag line -

From last call: Networking and Community Building for Nonviolent Communication in the United States

Jane: spreading NVC itself, or the larger dream?


New possibility: Nonviolent Communication Networking and Community Building in the United States

We decided to stick with the former, so:

Compassion in Action: Networking and Community Building for Nonviolent Communication in the United States

Titles for Open Space topics - we brainstormed a bunch (copied to Compassion In Action Sample Sessions):

Electronic communication to support distributed communities

Offering compelling NVC introductions


501(c)3 status

When conflict happens in NVC communities - mediation in your network or community

How to give feedback among workshop co-leaders - Offering your so-facilitator feedback

Nurturing leaderful practice groups

How to involve outside support, or Marshalling support (empathy for those who have organized for Marshall visit :-)

Marshalling support in your community

Meta: Let's be clear that these are just ideas, things that people could offer if they like-it's an Open Space!

Jane: will e-mail/wiki a URL to a page explaining Open Space well

Let's post all the good explanatory links we find on NvcUsaConferenceInvitation

Local hospitality team and funding for people who need support:

Jane $800 coming from Binghamton (July ticket from small east coast town, plus $200 conference fee)

Kit report on funding, etc.: Unable to contact Mills College since last call. Wanted it up on website right away, so did it anyway, estimating costs assuming 10 full scholarships. $250 - $360 (conference + room & board) - will talk w Mills tomorrow

Hospitality team - coordinating flights(?), housing for people ()

Special needs - particular food (refrigerator), wheelchairs, etc.

Kit - BayNVC will handle that among the organizing work

Meta has had problems with getting help from BayNVC with that before, suggests that someone take this on as their specific focus

Kit - issue has been raised, let's keep it in mind as we go along

Building community at the event

Jane - felt alone at Munich event. Cultural? Maybe since all-U.S. we'll be okay. Munich was scheduled 9-5, no spaces to connect during conference hours.

Some ideas:

Empathy teams - support the creation of small groups that can meet periodically through the conference

Empathy buddy sign-up - match people up based on size of community, interests, etc.

Physical place - Loose Ends room

Jane and Judi will think about these and other strategies and bring it back to the next meeting.

Playback Theater

Kit was inspired seeing it at the Deep Democracy conference, where they watched sessions then did skits capturing the juiciest energy/words.

Jane - the more usual way is they listen to participants report on their conference experience and act out those situations. Also, Jake Birnberg is a Playbacker.

Kit will go forward talking with Chris about having them come, and which style to use.

Besides the conference

Rick - (?)

Meta - wants more time for this - first item next time?

We agreed yes.


Next two meetings: Dec 18 and Jan 8, both at 9am Pacific time