NVC USA Meeting 27 May 2007

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Notes from NVC USA Project meeting Meeting 27 May 2007

time / date: Sunday May 27, 2007, 4PM PDT; 7PM EDT
Phone 712-580-7700, conference code: 682872 (NVCUSA)

Attendees: Tom Caruso, Jane Connor, Lisa Goldish, Rick Smith

Review NVC USA Meeting 10 Mar 2007 minutes
Lisa and Rick signed off on notes Tom published

NVC USA 2008 Conference Possibility

Giraffe Festival - history and vision from Jane

  • got the idea in 2003 -- a gathering of NVC and fun
  • liked open space "law of 2 feet" from the Compassion In Action conference
  • summertime - beautiful place to be out
  • games
  • music and dancing
  • community
  • family
  • possibly be connected to CNVC. Working with Barbara Larson to see if something is possible

Advantages of time and place

  • Lower cost of being at the university in the summer when school is not in session
    • Binghamton $70 per person day
    • Previous host of NY Intensive raised rates to $100 per person day
  • Ability to accomodate up to 300 people
  • Experience -- Jane is putting on two back to back intensives in 2007 there
    • local support team of 6 or 7 developing
  • Summer time can be an easier time for people to travel

Issues and Concerns

  • If US Project Conference were held stand-alone, would there be enough draw?
    • Jane - being coupled with a week long event makes it more likely more people could attend
    • Rick had a sense from conversations about trainers and communities, that people would go
    • Lisa had a sense from the post conference survey that there's interest
  • If it works for Marshall to attend festival, but constrained to spring or fall
    • Binghamton would not work because school is in session.
    • Giraffe Festival would probably be held elsewhere.
    • Might or might not be feasible to have the US Project Conference held in conjunction.

Recapping email of Jane's interest

  1. a June festival with Marshall at Binghamton University (would be TOTALLY thrilled!)
  2. a non-summer festival with Marshall someplace else in the Northeast (Mount St. Adolphus, comes to mind in NY) - would be thrilled
  3. a summer festival without Marshall (would be very happy)

Next Actions

  • Jane send email to Barbara Larson with vision from this group
    • Rick post these notes - Sunday
    • Lisa send draft of her hope and vision to yahoogroup - Monday
    • Jane edit and send email to Barbara - Midweek
  • Rick setup NVC-USA-Project-Announce yahoogroup with email addresses of last year's attendees
    • Rick send draft of invitation to yahoogroup - Monday
    • Rick send out invitation - by end of May