NVC USA Meeting 20 Aug 2006

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Sun Aug 20 2004

Attended by:

Lisa, Margarita, Meta, Rick, and Tom Caruso


  • final financial report?
  • tabulations of feedback from conference?
  • clarity of purpose for USA project group
  • how the workshop went and what people learned to do same and differently?
  • next meeting? Proposing Sunday Sept 17, 1PM PDT; 2PM MDT; 3PM CDT; 4PM EDT
  • Action Item Summary


Final financial report and tabulations for conference feedback were not addressed because no one there had the information. Added to action items below: who knows this information?


Clarity of purpose for the NVC USA Project group

  • Lisa - different people had different purposes in mind for the conference {and likely for the project as a whole} - some spreading NVC in US; some having effect on our representatives and who we are in the world {tho, staying apolitical as a nonprofit}
  • Rick read stated purpose from FAQ page for the conference. Were intentions / vision met?


  • met need for networking around specific needs, becoming more aware of resources and interests
  • met need for getting more of a sense of and enlarging NVC community
  • met need for connection, contribution and purpose
  • awareness of the southern CA group - gathered with much excitement
  • conflict group - clear desire for a membership organization to support trainers
  • sociocracy in action - didn't go as everyone wished, but gave people a taste of decision making sociocratic process


  • enhance community building skills - yes
  • conflict not as a problem - clarity not there about the issue - so no
  • new communities mentored by older - aware it happened, but not with me
  • global community - not directly - not met


  • tried to follow the conference remotely through postings and was frustrated {others echoed similar frustration}
  • excited for the conference as birth process - hearing that things went on
  • interested in older communities mentoring new ones - still alive
  • conflict seen as part of the flow - needs met in an an early planning conference - by Kit talking about conflict is part of the flow


  • enhance community building - had a sense of it; met many people
  • conflict not as a problem - got that in a session near the end
  • new communities mentored by older - aware it happened, like southern CA group
  • global community - aware that some groups were dealing with it
  • tech team has been meeting - working on improving on first steps taken by and withing the conference, including looking at session notes and furthering ease and understanding {grokking}


Needs met and what would we do differently?

Lisa - met needs for aliveness and bubbling, growth and beauty.

Rick - inspiration - put energy in and it manifested - the conference happened (true in Lisa too - working on welcoming committee - taking on challenge and stretching) - would like the first night to be for the group as a whole connecting with the vision/intent of the conference (true in Lisa too - for connection between participants and with whole group)

Tom - opportunity to see people as he is not in the training community and to come together with trainers and leaders; met needs for inclusion, contribution such as expertise to group about imarketing: gettting the NVC name out there


next meeting? Proposing Sunday Sept 17, 1PM PDT; 2PM MDT; 3PM CDT; 4PM EDT


Action Item Summary

  • final financial report sent out or at least a status summary
    • Rick will contact Kit about getting this information
  • Who took notes on the "in person" meeting at the end of the conference?
  • what are committees formed thru the conference? Who are our links to them?
    • tech team - John and Rick - what is going on?
    • trainers group - Anyone know what came out of the conflict session - who the core people where in creating a membership organization that supports NVC trainers?
    • marketing group - next step - Lisa send out an email to that group
    • welcoming committee report
  • Summarize all that happened at the conference
    • Tom will mail/post to the wiki a summary draft gleaned from the compassion in action USA website (Lisa is so excited about this she could burst).