NVC USA Meeting 17 Sept 2006

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Kit, Mary, Lisa, Rick, Tom

Finances - Final numbers still pending. Total income = $28,000 and expenses were $18,000-19,000. Difference looks like apx $8000, tho previously was reported as $4000, so Kit will look into it nd provide specifics later.

Mary and Kit respond to last conference - Kit - Loved that people brought their gifts to it and how things came together organically with hospitality and tech support and others, liked the time to connect with others with some purpose but not heavily structured, wants to get in touch with people regarding how to support growing new NVC communities, wants to get word out about what we accomplished. A thousand women in Iraq is doing well and progressing. Kit will get info on this to the network and she will send a note to attendees to find out what has been happening as a result of the conference.

Mary - loved connection with others while NOT working, loved space, enjoyed the work that came of it and would like to stay connected to progress on those projects, would like more focus on our purpose at next conference.

Reviewing Evaluation Forms - Lisa will evaluate them and create a synopsis for us.

Tom's Posting and Next Steps - Get out to the NVC Network Tom's posting along with what is happening as a result of the conference to inspire further participation in the next conference and also to inspire funding support. Lisa would like to become aware of the progress of a movement toward a membership organization that would support trainers that came out of the conference, partially to see where marketing NVC globally would fit in - this was a topic that she participated in at the last conference where participants wanted to move forward on. Tom said he thought there were a number of energies at the conference that converged toward this membership service organization.

IT Support - Tom would like the Compassion In Action website to be more user friendly so that many people have access and are using it. Rick and IT team are working on this.

Next Meeting - Sunday, October 22 at 1:00 pm (PDT)

Next Meeting Agenda:

Focus of the USA Project: Spreading NVC, NVC's Place in the World, &/or Effect of NVC on our Reprentatives. (Lisa)

Financial report. (Kit)

Update on Kit's email to the network. (Kit)

Look at requests for funding by some working on the July gathering. (Kit)

Technical support for the USA Project? Tom requests that the lead to this project attend the next meeting. (Tom)

Clarify if the USA Project plans to support the participants to create coordination,lack of duplication and facilitation of projects/movements that resulted from the conference, of if the USA Project solely will facilitate an anual conference.(Tom)

Location for next gathering. (Mary)

IT Update. (Rick and John)

Next Steps.