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  • Does CNVC want to remain primarily a training provider?
I'm not sure we are primarily a training provider. Might this question be changed to something like "Does CNVC want to place primary emphasis on providing training?" Then another question could be "Does CNVC want to facilitate collaboration amongst existing and emerging training providers?" -JW
Interface comment: I vastly prefer this, because I can insert my responses directly within the relevant text. In the JPG format, I need to scroll up and down a lot to see the original document and thus I lose some context of the responses. I'm also imagining that people using slower internet connections wait a long time for the images to load. Given the amount of work involved for Liz, the possibility that I'm the only person wanting to interact directly with the material, and the additional difficulty of converting wiki back to Powerpoint if that's Stefan's final goal, I'm reluctantly willing to go with whatever works for the group. Reluctantly, because I yearn for what I experience as a live connection and dialog around these issues so important to me. Willing, because the connection and ease of the entire group are more important to me than my own preferences for the process.
  • etc.


  • Does CNVC want to continue to let its geographical spread 'emerge?'
  • etc.


  • Does CNVC want to have one centre and build a more connected network and support capability from there?
  • etc.


  • The answers to these questions will affect the leadership demands on CNVC in many ways:
    • Specific skills * knowledge required (growing new areas of activity, efficiency, international perspective. ...)
    • etc...

Technical Note

Converting the original Powerpoint to wiki could be done by either using SaveAs HTML to create web pages and then converting that to wiki format; or using SaveAs TEXT format or simple copy/paste to get the raw text and then converting that to wiki format. Either would probably be more work than the creative JPG method Liz used, unless there are automated tools/macros to do the conversion.

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