Key Strategic Choices

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Are these the questions you would ask?

  • I'm not sure we are primarily a training provider. Might this question be changed to something like "Does CNVC want to place primary emphasis on providing training?" Then another question could be "Does CNVC want to facilitate collaboration amongst existing and emerging training providers?" -JW

What answers would you give to these questions?

  • Regarding training, I'd like to see CNVC embrace the many different sources of NVC training already functioning with some level of independence. I'd also like CNVC to facilitate even more different sources of training, while also continuing to provide CNVC trainings.
Interface comment: I like that Liz is willing to convert all the slides to JPGs and post them, because it's easier for me to interact with than the original Powerpoint or PDFs. At the same time, I like being able to comment directly within the material and place much less value on the graphical appearance than on the content itself. In this format we can at least interact somewhat with the content, but I'm wondering whether it's worth the work for Liz if nobody else cares much. I'd like for both Liz and me to hold off on doing anything else with this until we find out whether anyone else will use it.

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