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You are invited to join a group of volunteers to support a new website for CNVC. The website is a dynamic and interactive site built with an Open Source application named Drupal. It will empower everyone in the rapidly growing global NVC community to connect, combined with other online resources like NVCwiki. If you might be willing to respond to this invitation, please join the Friends of NVC yahoo group and watch for the invitation and announcement there with details on how to volunteer.

Feedback Group

The CNVC Information Technology Committee (ITC) is preparing to form a Feedback Group to check out the new interactive CNVC website planned for July 2007 launch. This group will explore the new site, test it as unregistered users and registered users with different levels of access permissions, post and read messages, upload and download attachments, and test all other aspects of the new site. The group will write detailed feedback and post it to specific Forums on the site. The ITC will collate and summarize the feedback, comment and/or ask for clarification on some posts, and either act on feedback or place it on a list for future action.


The new website supports many languages, and volunteers willing to help translate core content will enable more people everywhere to participate in this new resource.


The new website is intended to soon have capability for interactive Forums, and at least some of those might require moderators who could help to stimulate and guide discussion.

Technical Assistance

Several types of technical assistance will be very helpful in preparing, launching, maintaining, enhancing and expanding the new website, including:

  • Graphic design.
  • Image editing.
  • PHP coding.
  • HTML and CSS coding.

Writers and Editors

Articles on NVC, Help files for the site, and several other categories of writing and editing expertise will be helpful on the new site.

Comments, Questions and Discussion

If you have comments or questions about this locked document, please click on the tab titled discussion at the top of this page or use this link.