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Hello all,

My name is Noam and I'm from israel.

I am trying to facilitate additional means of communication for NVC communities both local and world wide.

Conference call is a great mean of connecting groups which are physicaly apart.

Conference call services currently often used have access numbers are in the USA with long distance rate and sometimes also in some european countries with special high rate.

I would like to introduce a new conference call option which have local access numbers in the USA and world wide.

Making conference calls equally available to all will meet my need for contribution and connection.

I am approaching this group as I believe you might be interested in such a service or you would be ready to support in offering it.

As this is a new service I would like to test it, in order to have trust it works before offering it to others. It would be great support for me, if you are willing to try the access number in your area, by dialing it and making sure it is functioning. to receive the access number for your area send email to with your area details.

I would appreciate any feedback if you find this kind of service helpful, ideas and support.